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is it my fault?

I have some trouble breathing when i excercice, but i really want to be in good shape and i want to lose weight if you have tips on losing weight plz let me know and about the breathing thing it just feels like i'm not getting enough air and i can't help but to breath fast and that gives me headehcs,also i get kramp like pains in my chest on the lower sides of my ribs and in the high center, please help!!!
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Hello Sunny from another Sunny...my mom is currently on the Weight watchers plan, I honestly think that is the best diet around as they don't restrict veggies and other nutrients. It is all about moderation which is what they teach you. Once you get an idea as to how much are in portions and how many you can have, it isn't bad. My mom has lost nearly 10lbs in just two weeks and is still doing great. The recipes are great, I have cooked some and they are tasty.
Also, because you are having issues with breathing  as well as chest pain,,see your doc so that he or she can give you a thorough examination with the appropriate tests and medications.
Once your breathing is under control, ask about exercise and what you can do safely. Start off slowly once you get the go ahead. Good luck...Sunny
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Also when i am in class people say i breath really heavy so ya.
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