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Autism or GDD? Prognosis?

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of getting my 28 month old assessed for autism. However, I am getting mixed responses from the clinicians administering the test. During my parent interview, the psychologist told me it is unlikey my son will get an autism diagnosis because he is too social (he loves to be in the center of all children and is very happy), and he is too even tempered (he never has any temper tantrums) and has no stimming or repetitive behaviours. He used to not respond to his name, but now he does (I think this is due to iron supplements). He used to be a  picky eater, he still is, but he is opening up to a few new foods, and his constipation is almost gone. He has no other sensory issues. But he did lose the few words he once knew, however she says there are more reasons for regression than autism, particularly since his social behaviour and motor skills are strong and unaffected by the regression. He now understands basic commands, but his expressive language is limited to bringing me cookies to open or showing me where he is hurt, or bringing me shoes to go outside. He cannot mimmick gestures. She thinks he will get a GDD diagnosis.

On the other hand, the lady that administered the ADOS test said that my son did not make enough eye contact with her during the test. He is non verbal still, but he did everything he was supposed to (laughed like crazy when she put out the toy to see if he'd come, made it pop like she did, smiled at her, responded to his name, had no problems eating a cookie by himself, brought him rockets when she shot them up in the air, asked for more bubbles by stomping his feet, gave he a high five when she asked for one, went to all the toys to play with her, helped her wash the dolly, but he wanted to wash the bottles not the doll). He laughed appropriately and was thoroughly engaged. However, she said he did not ask for help enough when he needed it, and his eye contact was on bubbles not enough on her. He said he flapped his arms mildly when excited for bubbles to come, and this counts as a stimming behaviour. He brought her balls by throwing them to engage her in play. She still thinks autism.

I am really confused now. If he has autism is there any way to tell his future prognosis? He still has one more test, and then all the reports will be shared between the therapists before a decision is made. Does any one have experience with someone like my son? It would be helpful to know how to help him. If he does get GDD we will pay out of pocket for treatment, but with autism, Canada pays up to 20 000 a year for treatments. I am not sure which he has.

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my son has the same issue as yours...i do not know what to do.... i am living in Canada,British columbia..where do you live in Canada? How is your kid doing right now?
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