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What to do when child wakes up screaming and biting

What do you do if your 8yo nonberbal autistic child wakes up screaming and crying at 4:00am and grabs your arm and bites full force causing severe injury?
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I fear that my son will not make it much longer. He has punched a lot of holes in our walls with his head and his arms are bruised and bleeding from biting. He is also attacking me and my wife by hitting and biting. I got some ativan from my sister and I will give it to my son. Hope this helps. Nobody else is giving any useful advice.
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Stop all sugar and all food dyes.  Start giving him more protein and fruits  and veggies. Find out from a doctor if he has Vitamin D deficiency.
What does he eat in a typical day?
He may have a headache that is why he is banging his head. Does he wear a helmet? He probably is sensitive to sound. Have you tried noise cancellation headphones? He may need to be hospitalized.

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