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gcmaf possible cure for autims too

we are using gcmaf on hbv community, cfs community, cancer and hiv, i saw good results on autism too so i just wanted to make you know

main researchers involved:
hiv and cancer
cronic fatigue syndrom, CFS
Dr Kenny De Meirleir himmunitas clinic brussells

and about another 1000researchers around the wrold, the compound is not a drug and can t be patented so available only by biolabs, it is available since about 10 years.professor ruggiero is just making a trial with a probiotic able to produce gcmaf which is more potent than the compound made by biolabs and will present data at ottawa and padova hiv int'l conferences
gcmaf is present in everybodies blood except people with cronic diseases.absence of gcmaf from blood makes immune system blind by making macrophages inactivated and not capable to detect pathogens and immune escape strategy used by cancer cells, viruses and bacteria.a test called nagalase can detect if our macrophages are inactivated since nagalase is used to block gcmaf production by cancer cells, viruses and bacteria


hope all this info can be helpful to your community as well
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sorry forgot the link on community where austism patients are reporting effects of gcmaf therapy, they are still on first weeks of therapy but geting results already

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here's one of the first who started treatment

Hello Dr. Bradstreet, After 13 weeks of the GCMAF, we are happy to report that she continues to have tremendous gains in all areas. Increased socialization and speech, better performance in the school as well as community settings, decreased tantrums and less vocal protests, she is able to change activities and transition to non preferred tasks. It has been absolutely amazing, all her therapists, teachers, other parents have remarked about her good behavior in public places (for example, grocery stores, department stores such as Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, The Zoo, Bowling, the library, parks and playgrounds. In the past, we never went to these places in fear of her stimming, or her behavior (45 minute tantrums). Now, she surprises us as well as others with her appropriate comments and follows direction very well. Before she would only eat one thing (french fries) and now she eats everything including vegetables!!!!!  I’ve sent some pictures to show her progress. We are so excited to see what more phenomenal things are in the future to come!

here are all the others curing cancer, hiv and other infections in european clinics

and here is a list of the european hospitals/universities doing gcmaf immunotherapy:

Clinics we recommend
All the following European clinics have our GcMAF, and you may be able to persuade them to take you on as a patient.Some may be expensive, but you should get some superb monitoring.

Dr Uta Santos Koenig
0043 6642829909
Albertplatz 8a, 1080 Wien
Vienna, Austria

Dr Martin von Rosen
Zentrum für Bilogische Krebsmedizin,
Schlossparkklinik  Schloßplatz 3,
36129 Gersfeld
Rhon, Germany
tel.: +49 (0)6654-960950  www.praxis-rosen.de, www.schloss-klinik.de

Dr Finn Scott Andersen
Humlebæk Strandvej 11
DK - 3050 Humlebæk
Tel.: (+45) 49 13 24 65
Web: www.humlegaarden.com

Dr. Henning Saupe
Germaniastrasse 1a
D-34119 Kassel
Tel:  +49 561 3168901       Fax: +49 561 3168902

Dr. Fedon Lindbergs Klinik
Riddervoldsgate 4
0256 Oslo,
tel. +47 22926000
e-mail: ***@****
website: www.fedon.no

Dr Vogel University of Frankfurt Cancer Clinic. Germany's most famous cancer doctor
Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Vogel  Theodor-Stern Kai 7, 60590  Frankfurt tel.: 069-6301-4736 Fax: 069- 6301-7288 www.litt-therapie.de

Hufeland klinik.
Gabriele Wöppel Angelika Wöppel
Löffelstelzer Str. 1-3 D-97980 Bad Mergentheim Tel: +49-7931-536-0 Fax: +49 -7931-536-333

Dr Migeod, sekretariat, Biomed
BioMed Fachklinik fr Onkologie Immunologie und HyperthermieTischberger Strae 5+8 D-76887 Bad Bergzabern Telefon +49 (0) 6343 -705 - 0 Telefax +49 (0) 6343 - 705 - 913 biomed-klinik.de

Dr Ashhoff, Villa Medica
Dr. Burkhard Aschhoff, Privatklinik Villa Medica Klosterstrasse 205,?67480 Edenkoben tel.: +49 6323 8020 Fax: +49 6323 7943 e-mail: villamedica@t-online.de www. villamedica.de

Paracelcus klinik .the best cancer clinic in Switzerland
Battenhusstrasse CH-9062, Lustmühle bei St. Gallen, Lustmühle, Switzerland  ;011-41-71-335-71-71 011-41-71-335-71-00 fax  http://www.paracelsus.ch

Lake Garden Klinik
Dr. John van Limburg Stirum Beskrivning: Dr. John van Limburg Stirum Lake Garden Medical Center Seestrasse 155,CH- 8802 Zurich – Kilchberg Tel.: +41 44 716 48 48 Fax: +41 44 716 48 47 www.lakegardenclinic.ch

Prof. Schuermann
Aeskulap-Klinik Gersauerstrasse 8, CH-6440 Brunnen tel.: +41 41 825 48 61 (direkt) tel.: +41 41 825 47 47 (Zentrale)

The Dove Clinic,
Harley St and Twyford, Winchester England. Dr Julian Kenyon. Well researched in GcMAF, not allowed under UK law to do anything about it. 020 7580 8886;  01962 718000
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