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I have a constant flow of pheglm going down my throat, casusing hacking, coughing, gagging.
i take alegra as well as a nasal spray, my nose is clear but I still have the constant draining in my throat.
i can't sleep as I am constantly coughing and clearing my throat.
most times it takes an hour for the pheglm to settle so that I can sleep for about an hour, then starts over and over.
not sure I am getting more than an straight hour of sleep per night.
I have sleep apnea, so the forced air contributes to the pheglm being stirred up and making me gag or cough.
When I come from the outside, my sinuses start draining and will take about 20 minutes to clear up for a short while and then start all over.
I have been told there is a something called "fenugreek" not sure of the spelling.  and this could give some relief.
I was hoping for a permenant cure but my ENT doctor indicated there isn't any.
I am hoping for some relief and if there is a surgery, i can present this to my doctor and to see if I am a canidate.
Thank you in advance for any relief you may offer.
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Certain simple home remedies like, steam inhalation and gargling saline water can provide significant relief for some patients. Steam inhalation can thin or liquefy the phlegm, and ensures its easy expulsion. However, individuals with asthma should not use this method, as it can aggravate the condition. Gargling salt water several times a day, too, can facilitate the expulsion of phlegm. You can also take hot tea or soup to get relief from this condition. Certain spices such as, pepper, ginger, and chili can help to thin out phlegm. Foods prepared with these spices can prove effective for facilitating phlegm expulsion. Drinking plenty of water or fluid throughout the day is another simple remedy for excess phlegm.

I don't know about "fenugreek", but another natural remedy is Kali mur. This is one ingredient that is well known for its beneficial effects of the respiratory system and its ability to ease wet and persistent coughs.
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