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would an MRI show Guillain Barre syndrome?

i was in the hospital Today because i woke up with tingling all over my body and my blood Pressure was 95/34 for a few hours, they Did an MRI to see if i had any Neurologic disorders one thing i was Worried about was Guillain Barre syndrome (Specifically the subtype that causes Cardiac Symptoms) and the MRI came up negative, im going to the Nuerologist to have an EMG and possibly spinal tap done in the next few days.
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And wouldn't the mri have shown lesions on the myelin sheathe that would have been picked up by the MRI?
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Thanks for the response !! No I do not have any muscle pain and my symptoms are episodic and not constant . I am concerned I might have the cardiac variant of gbs I have heart arrhythmia and orthostatic hypotension but that too seems to be episodic but I don't have excersize intolerance or trouble going to the bathroom
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Hey Blake. Welcome to the forum.

The MRI was probably ordered as diagnostic investigation of exclusion.
GBS dx  usually involves a clinical examination by a neuro, spinal tap
and nerve conduction studies and EMG (as you mentioned you're having)

Do you have progressive fatigue & deep muscular pain going from your legs up to the rest of your body?
Do you have any diminished sensory perception regarding position and
impaired reflexes?
These are common with GBS

Please keep us posted and best wishes!
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