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Baby Bag / Postpartum Girdle suggestion

Hey ladies I need help picking out a baby bag that's also going to be my personal bag for the next two years. So I'm looking for something stylish but is practical and would fit all of babies needs. I've seen a few by Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff and Elizabeth black that I really like but if I'm going to spend over $300 on a bag I need to know it's worth it.

I'm open to other brands I just need help with suggestions!

Also I've been looking into two postpartum girdles and was wondering if anyone knows anything about them. The Leonisa brand and the Bellefit brand. Pros and cons would be great.

Thanks in advance!
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Those are some very nice brands. When I read your post it reminded me of myself. I think all three brands are worth the 300 if you ask me. I was looking at a diaper bag at Nordstrom and my husband was hinting in so many ways not to get one and we could just get him a daddy back oack, which we ended up getting him a quicksilver daddy back back that is really nice. One week before my due date I was surprised by my son's godmommy with a Burberry diaper bag. I was very happy and it is something I would not mind carrying around for two years. As far as the postpartum girdle, I have no knowledge of the two but I decoded to use my panty girdles I purchased from jcpenny's 7 years ago when I had my son. I had my son 2 days ago and i.am currently wearing the large now and my stomach is so much flatter. I swill be wearing the medium in the next couple days. Since I am at home, I wear them all day. They worked with my son 7 years ago.
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Oh my! I have been obsessing over the Burberry Check Canvas & leather Diaper bag. Is that the one you have? I went and saw it in person, I thought it would be a little bigger for the price! But I'm totally in love and yes I was thinking the same thing I'd be wearing the bag for two years and even after I can have it as a laptop bag or an everyday bag. But the price! You are one lucky mommy.

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one!

Thanks for the girdle recommendation. I'm still researching.
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Totally think it's worth it, especially if you're willing to commit to the same bag for two years and have it double as your purse. Plus, when you are done with it you can resale it if it's still in decent shape. I was adamantly against diaper bags and was just going to use one of my totes with a diaper bag insert. Then I saw the Ms.Bendel baby bag Henri B's and I was in love. Ended up buying one second hand because I'm cheap, but it's gorgeous & looks like it was never used. I also really like the Tory Burch quilted Marion baby bag, that could easily double as a purse. Sorry, no help on the girdle- still pregnant. I bought some sort of pp panties from "ms.panty"
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Oh, you may want to think about getting an inexpensive diaper bag too if you'll be leaving baby somewhere (like childcare) where you'll want to leave the diaper bag for the person sitting.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I came across another brand called Jem + Bea and they make nice leather baby bags. And there is a Storksak Elizabeth Quilted Leather Changing Bag that I want to see in person.

As for Girdles I decided to get a simple braless clip tank body shaper from VS because it seems like the girdles are simply body shapers and I already have one from VS.
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Yes that is the one I got. I am okay with the size

since my husband has a diaper bag as well. Kaiser gave us a diaper bag that we will use for childcare so our bags are not left.

Thank you! We see in.love
with our bundle of joy.

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