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Breast Feeding

I am 35 and will be 36 once I give birth and this is my first child. I have heard good and bad things about breast feeding and just wanted to know what you all plan to do or are doing and why ?

Thanks :)
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I will be breast feeding. It is cheaper, readily available at the right temperature for baby amd less prep work and cleaning, in the long run it lowers your risk for ovarian cancer and breast cancer, body was made to do it, milk is made according to what baby needs, if baby is getting sick your body will put antibodies in the milk to fight it, baby gets your antibodies as protection while they are too little for shots, on and in and on... there is nothing wrong with whatever you decide to do though, how you feed your baby is a personal choice and as long as baby is being fed then it doesnt matter formula or breast. Good luck!
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I am a ftm and 35 and will be delivering at 36 years old I plan on breast feeding. I've heard it can be a challenge getting started but the benefits are to great to pass up in my opinion. Good luck in whatever you choose.
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I've never heard anything negative about the benefits of breastfeeding. There is a learning curve that is different for everyone and there is soreness and discomfort in the beginning. But it is all worth it to give your baby the best nutrition and bonding, and it's very good for you as well. Some people can't breastfeed, but if you can I'm not sure why you wouldn't.
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I plan on breast feeding because its good for both mom and baby. it's healthy for both, breast fed babies get sick less often,  and it's bonding.  And I have bottles that I can pump into so my husband can feed her and bond aswell. Plus you dont have to spend on formula.
The only reason I wouldnt is if I physically can't.  And some moms breastfeeding id just not their thing.
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Thank You All For Your Input
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I definitely plan on breast feeding.  Its easy and best for baby. I am only 7 weeks and my boobs are so incredibly sore. I hope that's a good sign!
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What bottles do you pump into when breastfeeding? I'm a ftm and have been researching lots...any suggestions?
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I had my baby girl on the 19th I planned on exclusively breastfeeding but after I had her it hurt so bad when she would feed off my breast and I was exhausted from labor my baby wanted to eat every hour I was overwhelmed so I gave her formula so now I do both I pump and I formula feed and my baby is doing great...  
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I'm a FTM and have been BF for 11 months. It was really difficult at times and very painful for me in the beginning, but if you give it at least two weeks the pain should go away. One thing that helps is expressing a but of milk after every feed and letting it air dry on your nipples. Breastfeeding is so much easier. You can feed on demand without having to make baby wait for a bottle to heat up, you don't need to sanitize and clean bottles all the time, and you can do it anywhere, anytime. I say go for it! It also helps prevent you from getting breast and cervical cancer and helps you to heal faster after delivery.
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