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Cloth vs disposable diapers

I want to cloth diaper baby once she/he grows out of newborn, only part time while we are home. Cloth diapers cost money, inserts cost money, ill habe to do laundry teice as often and use alot more detergent ..
I coupon so i can get a bag of huggies for a few bucks ,, on top of no extra laundry, no extra detergent or traveling to the laundry mat.
So is clotb diapering honestly going to be worth it? This is my rainbow baby, so i cant say ill have more children to keep reusing cloth. . Honest opinions please
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In my honest opinion, it kinda sounds like you've already answered your question in the things you've said. To me it doesn't sound like cloth would be worth it - especially if you'd have to go to a laundromat. And have you ever smelled dirty cloth nappies? I have a memory from when I was younger of my nieces and the smell after they'd been sitting for a day was terrible - of course cloth nappies nowadays may be different to 20yrs ago though! Unless I was going to wash everyday I would never contermplate it, but that's just me.
Good luck with whatever you decide :)
Honestly. Use regular not cloth. Spend the time with your baby or sleeping not doing laundry. I stressed out so much trying to find cloth diapers that wod work and spent lots of time and money doing so. Only one of 4 of us girls cloth diapers and she does it but makes her own and is soon to use them for her 3rd child. She still had to buy new ones each child tho.

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My baby got really bad diaper rash at 1st so we switched to cloth. Cost was about $200 investment. Bad part was it wasn't super absorbant like disposable diapers. The creams werent working. Dr gave us these samples that worked wonders. After that bad rash episode we started blowing her butt dry. She never had a rash again. We just paid a lil extra for the Pampers sensitive. Any other diaper she'd start to get a rasg again. We switched immediately and that'd be it
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The thing about cloth diapers is they Have resale value. You can make a good bit of your money back or and use them on multiple babes. The files I have for my son will be used in all my children. I'll never have to buy more. Now if you're going to a laundry mat that will make life more difficult. They have to be laundered a certain way and I'm not sure if you can customize wash cycles at a laundromat
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Sorry for the typos. I meant to say "the diapers I have" not files.

I blame the phone
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Im sorry. I didnt see the end of your post. I didnt mean for my answer to be insensitive
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The thing about cloth diaper is that you can use them on your next baby.
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Ill be using cloth diapers as burping cloths! My friend did with her baby girl and they are better in my opinion bc they are thicker!
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Cloth diapers seem to be a better option, just depending on your financial situations are.  Yes, there are some time that goes into having to launder the cloth diapers, but from my research if you decide to do it, you would have to get yourself in a set laundry schedule.  Yes, they do smell...oh my do they smell...but I'm planning on washing the cloth diapers every 2 days just to not have to worry about the smell from the cloth diaper pail.  But you can always do some research through the internet as well as watching a few YouTube videos to see what other mothers have done.  It's whatever works for your particular situation.
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