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Huggies, Pampers, or Luvs?

Okay ladies, The eternal question - I will be a first time mom and have no idea on the differences in diaper brands, but I know some ladies are particular to a certain brand and I wanted to know which you preferred and why!  Thanks!
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I only have one child, so take it with a grain of salt: I switched from no-name to Huggies within a week and from week 3 on remained with Pampers. I found that anything other than Pampers would leak around the leg openings and the back, no matter how tightly put on. Possibly each infant`s physical shape will determine what fits best. My son was  a long infant with rather skinny legs, that may have been the problem. Anyway, Pampers it was. And non-perfumed or else he would get a rash...
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I used pampers swaddlers until DD turned 7 months and then decided to try luvs. I like luvs just as much as pampers and they cost less. DD has never had a leak in either pampers or luvs. I did try huggies but they gave her a rash. I would try the luvs first to see if you like them, if not go to pampers and skip the huggies.

Also, I just wanted to mention that when I purchased luvs for the first time I bought the wrong size and opened them. I called luvs to see if I could return them to the store where I purchased them, they told me I could not return them once they had been opened. They  sent me a $10.00 coupon for my next diaper purchase which really helped alot.
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i mostly use pampers. HATED huggies, especially when she was on breast milk. they just can't handle runny poop. pampers are great and we have no problems, but i tried luvs recently because the store didn't have her size in pampers. i found luvs to be just as good. in fact, i happened to have that package upstairs, so it was what she was wearing overnight and they didn't leak.
i do not like store brands. i tried target and found them to be useless.
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Thanks ladies - I am a penny pincher - so I will definitely give luvs a try - and then if not move on to pampers.  That is the general consenus I am getting from family and friends too.  My sis uses pampers, b/c she does not like huggies, but she has never tried luvs.  
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i would buy luvs to save money, but pampers always seem to be on sale at shoprite and end up being cheaper.
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One thing to remember is that sometimes your child can be allergic to a brand of diapers and not the other. For my son he couldn't wear anything but huggies and my daughter can't wear huggies or anything but pampers. My advice is to try each out and see what works best for you child.
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We use Huggies.  They are perfume free.  My kids get a rash from everything else I've tried.

Pampers swaddlers were okay in the beginning, because I think they are perfume free as well, but the bigger sizes are not.

Good luck!
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We use cloth and Pampers swaddlers.  Huggies and Luvs leaked for us.  
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As a first time mom I had no idea either - we've been using what the hospital used which is Pampers.  They have newborn swaddlers at the hospital that have a yellow line down the front that turns green when they've peed.  They're awsome b/c otherwise we would have had no idea!  
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huggies. someone gave us a HUDGE box of new papmers. dominic started getting red and crynig up a storm. and my hand broke out i a rash. im scarred of pampers now. plus they seem to leak easy
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hey ladies.... my daughter is 4 now, and i remember switching brands a couple of times. its basically personal preference. what works good for me, may not work so good for you. i loved the swaddlers for a while, then they seemed to leave a lot of gooey stuff all over my daughter, so then i switched brands... i dont think any diaper i used was perfect. its basically trial and error. i know that i used the Walmart brand the longest, it was cheaper and it kept her dry and rash free.
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We were given a package of  Huggies and used them a few times - both times my son peed through it.  One time though - I pointed his little penis down and the diaper did fine.  They're newborn diapers but seem bigger than Pampers.  So we've switched back to Pampers -but have all these Huggies.  What do we do with them?
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Huggies are my least favorite because of the fit and they had a  tendency to stick to Jacob's bottom.  

  I mainly use Pampers Swaddlers but someone had given me a BIG box of Luvs and they were really pretty good also.  I like the swaddlers better because they are thicker and softer but the luvs worked just as good.  
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My fav is Pampers Swaddlers when my son was a newborn and didn't use anything else.  Once he was about 8 months and started to go to daycare, I started to buy cheaper brand since they change him every 2 hours anyway.  I do not like the Target bracd because it leaks all the time.  I find Luvs, Parents Choice and Sam't Member's Mark are pretty good.  My son is 20 month and I use Luvs during the day and Huggies or Pampers Crusier at nigth just to make sure there won't be any leakage.
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I hated Huggies they leaked like crazy.. I use either Luvs or Pampers
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I absolutely abhor Luvs. I hate them with a passion.

I do like Huggies AND Pampers. Both worked fine for my big-booty babies.
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Oh and for the record, I use Walmart's WHITE CLOUD brand. It's like $15 for a huge box (depending on the size will depend on how many are in the box).
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I hated Luvs (seemed really thin to me and didn't hold much pee) and only used Pampers when ds was first born (the smallest size they had). Once he went up a size, I tried different brands, but ended up loving Huggies Supremes (not the regular Huggies) beause they are soooo soft. I lined up a few different diapers of different brands and compared the elastic that goes around the babies leg and the softest one was Huggies Supreme. Even the regular Huggies had the hard elastic. I was shocked that all diapers don't simply use the softest material available. The first few stages are called Huggies Supreme "Gentle Care", then once you hit a certain size it just becomes Huggies Supreme. I ended up donating the opened packages of other diaper brands to the nursery at my Jazzercise center.
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I used Pampers Swaddlers until my son was a few months old without any problems. Then I switched to Pampers Baby Dry when they came out with the stretchy sides. That's the trick...you HAVE to have he stretchy tabs. I tried Luvs when they came out with their "Bear Hug Sides," and I haven't used anything else since. I've only had a couple of leaks in the past year (he's almost 2) and that was mostly my fault because we would be out and I'd forget to change him in time. I got a package of Huggies on sale last month and did not like them much. They didn't leak, but I didn't like the way that the fasteners would be under his back when I laid him on the diaper. It's hard enough to change a squirmy boy who wants to go play, so trying to center him and find the tabs quickly enough was annoying. Luvs are great and they're always on sale at Target. If you have a BJs in your town, they're super cheap there! You can get 175 diapers for $24.99. I think those were size 3....
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Just FYI, they have diapers on megasale at diapers.com.  My co-worker pointed me in their direction today and I got nearly 200 newborn swaddlers pampers and 420 wipes for $47.00 which included shipping.

If you go there, check out their specials, and make sure to enter the promo code they give you to get another $10.00 off. :)

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I have one baby, an 8 month old son and have tried all the brands, everyone at my shower brought a different brand and we've been through them all.  To this day I still swear by pampers, regular baby dry OR swaddlers/cruisers (which is pampers premium line) Huggies always leaked out around his little chunky legs! And they're more expensive than pampers anyway! All of the other brands Ive always thought felt very rough and I wouldnt want to be clothed in something that felt like a rough paper towel so I certainly wouldnt want my little cuddle bug wrapped up in that! Plus the cheaper brands do not suck the urine up it just lays there on their skin and they are literally wet when u change a pee diaper, with pampers he is dry to the touch bc the diaper absorbs the pee so well. So to your question I  must say.....

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I read all of the comments on this page and like most of the mothers I also use pamper.  Unlike many of you when Jacob poops his poop does go through the pampers diaper on the outside of his legs. I use pampers because I despise huggies, but I am also tired of poop getting on Jacob's onsies.  I am wondering am I not placing the diaper on tight enough or is it just pampers are not for breastfeed babies.  I am currently using Pampers swaddlers gentle care, is anyone else having this problem or had it and fixed it?
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pampers  are the best less leeking and able to hold a nights worth of urnine when baby starts sleeping long stretches,,,also seemed to notice less rashes,,diapers I believe are one of those things where ya get what you pay for ,,,store brand diapers in general leak like crazy and I found I went through twice as many so really not a savings.
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with my older two (12 and 14) i used Luvs and adored them... they still had the plastic backing and rarely leaked. but then they started making the cloth covers and discontinued the plastic backed diapers (boo).... so with my youngest who is almost 7 i ended up using White Cloud brand from walmart... it was cheaper and seemed to work just as well.

i am about 25 days from delivering baby #4 and have several packages of white cloud and parents choice(walmart brand) and i hope that they work as well as they did a few years ago.  i have never tried the parents choice before so this will be a first... i believe i only bought one pack of those just cause i have never used them.  but i believe that i will be using white cloud all the way with this one too.

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