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I am 7 weeks...and im using the ab roller...

I do 40 a day on my an roller wjen is it not safe to do abs no longer?
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stop doing those hun. opt for treadmill and assisted weight machines that wont add stress to your body. i am a runway/print model so i understand the urge to keep your body in shape. But i personally wouldnt do them. Try yoga and pilates for firming up. No stress on body...also use palmers cocoa butter pregnancy lotion. It firms, tightens and improves elasticity to help your body get back sexy :)  
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I agree, I would stop doing the roller. You can still do crunches but make sure you elevate your head so that you are not flat onyour back, if you have a bench or exercise ball use that. I'm a group fitness instructor pregnant with my second. You can absolutely still workout, but modify some exercises. Deep squat are not recommend the further along you get, avoid jumping,Drink lots of water if your are still working out. One thing im constantly reminding myself to stop jumping haha
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I did yoga and ballet till 38 weeks. Ab exercises are fine till 14-18 weeks as long as your doc ok's it, mine did. Strong core will help you in delivery, I can attest to that having gone through natural labor! If you are feeling uncomfortable doing the ab roller, try the plank pose. I did that almost to the end of my pregnancy. Everything in moderation and using common sense. My doc was  very supportive of me continuing all the exercises I was already doing. Picking up new strenuous sports that your body is not use to is not a good idea...
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