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Real nappies/reusable nappies

Has anyone on here had experience with real or reusable nappies? Any tips as seriously considering this option. Many thanks
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Yes, I have purchased over $900 worth of cloth diapers. I loved the idea at first and planned on using them until my child was out of diapers. I purchased almost every brand available at the time and tried all in ones, pocket, covers you stuff, you name it. No matter what products I used to clean them, and I only used soaps specifically for cloth, I could not get the strong urine smell out of the diapers.i have read that depending on where you live and the water that this kind of thing can happen. I ended up doing a ton of laundry daily on top of what I already had to do for my family of four. After two months I decided to just go with disposables. I also disliked how bulky they were on my child. Pants wouldn't fit her bottom. Also, all of the diapers left marks on my baby's legs. The cloth aren't as thin as disposables, therefore you have to put them on tighter to avoid leaks. If for whatever reason my new baby is allergic to disposables, I would do an all natural cloth diaper only. These will be bulkier but I noticed they didn't get that microfiber urine stink. And trust me, the last thing you want to deal with, on top of being exhausted as a new mother, is having a pail of stinky diapers waiting for you to rinse them, wash them and maybe rinse again.
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OK.  Thanks for your input. I have decided to give them a try and managed to get 38 nappies for just £150 plus my council will refund me £40 towards the costs as they are trying to encourage their use to help with landfill. I am on a few fb groups with people who use them and most of them love them! They just need to find what suits their needs. We are definitely going to give it a go! Plus you don't have to soak them anymore, you vacancies dry pail then wash  in machine. They also do flushable paper liners to help with disposal of poo.
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I loved cloth diapering! My favorite brand was green mountain diapers clotheez workhorses with rumparooz covers. Worked wonders and as long as you keep an approved wash cycle [join fluff love and cd science on fb for one] and strip them when they start to stain or stink then you'll be golden! I'm thinking about trying rumparooz all in one's with my new baby to be :)
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Thanks! I have now acquired 50+ nappies and several wraps! A mix of types/brands and have boosters and fleece liners & woolies.  I have joined several fb groups and have made a local friend who uses them. I'm quite excited to try! Loving the softness and the prints!
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A mother-to-be here, and am interested in cloth nappies as well. I myself had no choice but to use them as a baby... Anyone know about cloth nappies with disposable pads? Does this even exist?
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Yes they are called hybrids if you mean you want a cross between  reusable and disposable? Look on the nappy lady website as she has a wealth of information on there. I can  give you the names of some Facebook groups if you like?
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I cloth and have cloth diapered my 2 last children fully, for us there is no other option disposable have so many toxins in them and give my kids extreme rashes to the point of chaffed skin and blood. I've now been cloth diapering 3 years and I LOVE IT, the best thing I could do for my family! And this last year I learned how to make and sew my own!! Seriously the best thing I did, good luck on your journey❤
And absolutely no stink issues
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Reusable of course! Bum Genius are great reusable dipers. Birth to potty. And all you need to buy is around 15 of those!
That's all I ever neded for my 15 months old son.
I wash them every 3rd day using eco detergent on 60 degrees. No stinking problem whatsoever. It's not a hard job at all! Much environment friendly as well!
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I love cloth! Care is generally pretty easy, there are great online groups that will help with trouble shooting if need be. We typically use covers with flats or fitteds. if youre getting smells then typically you just need to adjust your wash routine.
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