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breast pumps

Can I use them all the time, instead of the baby suckling? Thanks
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That would be exclusive pumping and is very difficult to maintain a good supply because it's not natural the way baby suckling is. My pump could never get out as much as my daughter would drink and I had a really good one. Pumps are just not as effective as baby. Can I ask why you don't want to feed naturally?
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Ah okay, I just dont want to feed naturally all the time because i've heard its very uncomfortable and it starts to hurt after a while
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I actually thought of doing the same because I wanted to let the family be involved with feeding the baby, i'm not the biggest fan of breast feeding but I'll do it long enough for the baby to get what it needs i'm thinking my doctor said the first 6 months is the most important.
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I bf for 2 years. It was honestly the best experience but the first 2 weeks are the roughest and you have to really be committed. Breast feeding should never hurt. If it hurts it's because you have a bad latch and should unlatch baby and try again. The first 2 weeks it's all about learning how to latch baby and trying different positions etc to find what works best. It really is the best for baby (and for mom too with the reduced risk of cancers etc).
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There is a great breastfeeding group on here. There is support for breastfeeding as well as pumping.  I posted an article I found flow pinterest of all places of a n log from a lady to exclusively pumped for 18 months and her tips and tricks. I did both until I couldn't get my daughter to latch anymore (which happens quite often when pumping and breastfeeding). We were able to go 6 1/2 months.  I am now exclusively pumping. As for the pain from breastfeeding,  it happens eeither way and it's only the first couple of weeks. After that it won't hurt anymore- your nipples toughen up. There are tricks for that as well to minimize pain.
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My best friend only pumped for her three kids. The only thing that really ***** about it is that you are literally doing twice the work. You have to sit and pump, and then sit and manually feed your baby.
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