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bug spray

Already moms, i have a 18 month old and i was wondering what bug spray you recommend?  
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What do you mean, an insect repellent for use on the body?  A yard spray?  A house spray for flying insects?  Ant spray?

I would not use insect repellent on a small child, though if I were going to be outdoors with the toddler a lot I might use Avon's Skin So Soft on him or her.

I would not use a yard spray unless possibly at night with all the household windows closed.

If you have a flying-insect problem in the house, for flies there is flypaper, for mosquitos and gnats there are screens and traps, for bees there is the vacuum cleaner or those bee traps.

If you have a crawling insect problem in the house, there are also specific baits and traps that will attract ants, cockroaches, etc.

If there is a flea problem, put the pet that brings them in onto Frontline or Revolution, and vacuum like crazy and wash all the bedding.

I've lived on a farm for many years, a plenty buggy world, and have never used bug spray in the house.  Some bugs just are not that big of a deal.  When the cats are scratching, I medicate the cat rather than spray the house.  The only bug spray we have around is that kind that shoots 20 feet if you have a hornet's nest in your eaves, and even then I've never used it.  (We did have to have an exterminator take out one nest once, it was too high and too big for us to deal with ourselves.)
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You can rub a dryer sheet on the child and it will keep the bugs away. That's what out pediatrician recommended when my oldest was a baby
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There is a brand called babyganics it has all sorts of stuff safe for baby.
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