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Back injury 10 years ago still bothers me

Hi, I'm a female, age 22, 5'4'', 105 lbs. When I was in middle school (around age 12 almost 13) while trying to do a handstand on my bed (very stupid), I landed badly on my face (lol) and chest and some of my stomach area, and I fell sort of like a...scorpion landing, where my legs were in the air and curved toward my head. Basically I landed pretty badly and my body was curved awkwardly, and it was very hard to move afterwards. But I didn't want to tell my mom about it (she had breast cancer and i didn't want to be a burden) so I acted like everything was fine. I felt pain in my lower spine/back and the area around the lower spine was bruised and felt swollen. I guess I pulled something, fractured something, strained something, etc. I just tried to stay away from sports for a few weeks while still going to school and doing everything I can in PE class. After a few weeks it wasn't hurting as much anymore. When I pressed down on it, it still felt kind of bruised. I had a growth spurt when I was 11 -12, where I grew around 4.5 inches. After this injury, I grew 1.5 more inches from, I think, age 13-15/16. But I grew so slowly. VERY slowly. I had this injury mid-April of 2008, and during March I was still growing (based on my growth charts.) I was around 5'2'' 1/2 during this injury. Before this injury, I grew 1.5 inches from November to March (definitely was still in growth spurt), and in March my growth charts show I was still growing, where I grew another half inch within a month, but after the injury I was stuck at 5'2'' 1/2 until 9th grade. So I was 5'2'' 1/2 for almost 2 years. Then in 9th grade, my body decided to start growing again. It's like the injury halted my growth, stunted it, or slowed it down... My older sister was around the same height as me when she was that age (12/13 when I injured my back) except I was half an inch taller, but after my injury, I stopped growing for a while. She, however, kept growing, and is now two inches taller than me. I got this injury near end of 7th grade and did not grow at all in 8th grade. She grew like two inches in 8th grade. She never had an injury. When I was little, everyone in my family thought I was going to grow taller than her because I have longer feet than her. I was lactose intolerant as a child, though. But now I'm worried I stunted my growth from the injury. I did track and field when I was 11 - 12 years old. I stayed athletic in middle school. In high school, I did track and cross country. I was a very fast runner and was in the varsity team. However, since that injury, I noticed that my lower spine area felt more ... flexible? and whenever I stretch it, I hear and feel this spongy sound/feeling. I also feel like my posture is bad ever since.  Anyways, my mom is 5'5'', dad is 5'9'', older sister is 5'6''. My sister grew a lot even after her growth spurt :( I'm worried that I stunted my growth from this injury. I did a lot of research about spinal injuries and disc herniation in growing preteens but all I find are articles I can't really read. My lower back does bother me occasionally but I don't know if it's all in my mind, since I left the injury untreated. Sorry for long read. Also.. would a specialist be able to tell me much in relation to stunted growth if I get it checked now? And if I actually did injure it pretty bad, would they be able to help much? When I touch it, it feels spongy. It's been 9-10 years though... Thanks if anyone can give me a response.
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