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Extreme Muscle Back Pain!!!

My back hurts and is putting me in so much pain but I don't have money to go to the doctors. I need Vicodin or some percocets but I cant afford that all I have is ambien, xanax and weed. How can I get rid of this pain?
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What ever you do dont get reliant on a drug that doesnt help your condition, as it will cause you more problems than you can afford. Get professional advice, do excersise that releaves your pain, and talk to people who have lived with your condition in your area, there must be people in your family or community that know more about what your experiencing, finally keep mobile "USE IT OR LOSE IT"
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Hi I know this may sound crazy,but I have
had 2 cervical spine surgeries.When I first
began my journey with pain,I was going to
a chiropractor.One of the patients there that
had a similar problem told me to get a heating
pad and a bottle of red wine.I was not on opiates
at that point nor any other medications.I am not a
doctor and not recommending it but it did take the
edge off the pain for me.However I was in search
of medical answers to my problem and after the
first MRI I was told to stop the wine and was given
medication and surgery was a couple of weeks later!
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