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MRI results...help!

I had a MRI on my cervical spine and am unclear about the results even after explanation. Could someone help me understand these results a little better?

At C5-6, there is mild concentric uncovertebral ridge. There is T2 hyperintensity and a shallow disc protrusion in the left paracentral region. The ventral cord is mildly flattened. No significant foraminal compromise.

At C6-7, there is shallow right paracentral focal protrusion with mild flattening of the right ventral cord. No foraminal compromise.

Remainder of the cervical disc interspaces are unremarkable.

No intrinsic cord or craniocervical junction abnormality.

The upper cervical cord appears normal.

No destructive bony change.

1. Spondylosis C5-6 and C6-7. A minimal left paracentral protrusion is present C5-6 and a shallow right paracentral protrusion is present C6-7. There is mild flatttening of the ventral margins of the cord at both C5=6 and C6=7.
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Ok, spondylosis is a term referring to common degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints of the spine. A lot of people develop it as they age.

Water and fluid will present as intensities on the T2 weighted images.  In some situations, this can be due to some degenerative changes in that area of the spine, however, this can be non-specific and it is best that these findings be correlated with your present symptoms if any. In other words in might be nothing.

A minimal left paracentral protrusion and a shallow right paracentral protrusion are minimal or small disc herniations in the right or left central zone of the vertebral canal.These two small disc protrusions are mildly pressing on your spinal cord.

The findings of this MRI need to be correlated if possible to the symptoms that you’re currently having. I don't know what kind of pain you have, but you don't have a lot degeneration in your cervical spine. I wish my MRI looked this good.

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Thanks sooo much for the help w/ understanding the MRI. I don't have a lot of pain at all. My biggest issue is sleep. My right arm falls asleep throughout the night and wakes me up. And in the morning my back feels like I have done some sort of muscle exercise marathon...it is very stiff and sore. I'm thankful that I don't have much pain during the day but frustrated with the sleep issue. I'm wondering if anyone has a mattress recommendation??

Thanks so much!!!
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