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Numb, muscles twitcing on left side

I have numbness, muscle twitching in my right arm and leg driving me insane. I have a disk issue in my neck
I have gone to a neurologist that confirms that the arm issue is in my neck. The surgeon is suggesting removing the disk
And fusing the vertebra ( I think) together

But the grey area is my leg? My question is can a disk in my neck cause the numb and twitching of muscles in my leg
Also could I live a normal life after it?

PS also I feel like I have been running when I walk in my right leg (all right side)

Please help life is getting very hard! Thanks for you time
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It could be Cervical spondylosis which is a chronic degenerative osteoarthritic condition that usually only affects the neck. It can cause problems with the vertebra, discs and spinal canal in the form of disc herniations and bone spurs. When you add nerve compression to the situation it can cause tingling, pinprick sensations and muscle spasms in addition to numbness and weakness in your arms, hands, legs or feet. You can also experience difficulty walking and have abnormal reflexes.

Having said this, I’ve had neck problems for several years and while I have experienced muscle twitching all over my body I can’t attribute any leg weakness or numbness to my neck. To further complicate matters I have a history of low back problems, which were resolved several years ago. I have tingling,numbness and some weakness in my leg, but I think its permanent damage from my back and unlike you it on the opposite side of the pain caused by my neck. Spondylosis is just a guess.

What do your Neurologist and Surgeon think is causing your problem and what do they think about the correlation between the neck problems and the leg weakness? Do they think the surgery with help with your leg symptoms? You need to get specifics from them about what the surgery their proposing will help and what it won’t.

I had a cervical fusion 5 years ago and I’m not going to lie to you, the surgery is difficult to recover from and it’s not going to take away all your pain, but it will help.

Take Care
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Check your potassium level
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hi  EdwardPB

Thanks for getting back to me. sorry it has taken so long to get back as i am find life a little hard right now.....

the surgeon and neurologist don’t think its my neck which scars me now im really lost.... my right leg and right arm are bad. it feels like i am over using the muscles in the right arm and leg.....

the pain is like a bubbling down the back of my right leg and my upper leg is always sore  my right shoulder aches all the time. I feel twitching on other parts of my body also such as neck arms chest  not as bad as my leg though

Don’t know which way to go . in Ireland it takes months to see people and I feel like my life has just stopped….im close to the edge

I know you don’t now me but thanks for replying
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Hi chappy_ie

Hang in there...hope you have gotten some answers by now.  I saw your posts as I'm on here researching due to the fact that I am having some pain in my right shoulder and weakness in my right arm and leg.  I suspect I have one or more than one pinched nerve as I am always lifting my four little children.  I know that I don't know you, but I will be praying for you to find some answers and to have peace.  Know that the God who created you loves you.
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