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I am having pain, been diagnosed with a c joint inpinchment by an MRI test. I was referred to an Ortho Dr. who says I only have Brusitis? I am confused he is sending me for therapy and I can hardle move my arm forward at times especially with weights. I hope someone has a third party input!! Thanks
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I have already had 10 various injections for pain relief and am due to have 6 more soon 4 x facet joints L4/5 L5/S1 and Pars L5 and Coccyx + mua.

I had a bone scan in summer 2008 which showed non union of the pars defect and no activity within the bone, so basically it wont heal, what is the prognonsis long term for this?  Just wondering if anyone can help me?  In a lot of pain, for which I have butrans transdermal patch 20microgram/hour which sometimes is just not enough.

Many thanks
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im a 26 yr old woman. i just got my results back from the doc. about my MRI saying that i have Schmorl's node endplate erosions in my T7, T8, T9, and T10. what can i do to stop all the pain that i have. i have had pain for 4 yrs and have been to PT, for 3 yrs. i have a tens unit, that i use twice a day. i have had no pain relief it seems that the pain is just getting worse. i have also been to massage therapy. what do i need to ask my doctor to do for me?  im thinking the only thing left is pain management is this the only thing left for me to try?  

Thank you,
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It's me again, just wanted to see what anyone with past experience with my type of symptoms that include: upper and lower back pain and being woken up 3-4 times per night with left thigh numbness and a feeling like my leg is on fire.  It's now started on my right knee.  Now when ever I sit for more than 10 minutes and then try to walk, I feel like something's torn behind my knee.  I limp around like i'm 90 or something.  The MRI of my knee was totally normal so it has to be the same pinched nerve thats causing the problem.  The MRI results of my cervical spine were as follows: C3-4, minimal disc space narrowing with a small disc protrusion somewhat eccentric to the right of midline. C4-5, mild disk narrowing. there is a small annular fissure at midline.  C5-6, Mild disc narrowing.  There was a disc protursion on the left of midline which causes mild canal stenosis and impinges on the left hemicord. There is also left foraminal stenosis. The radiologists impression was: Degenerative changes in the cervical spine.  The most significant finding is at C5-6 where a disc protrusion causes mild canal stenosis and impinges on the left hemicord.  The lumbar spine showed mild formaminal stenosis at L4-5 and L5-S1.  Overall impression was degenerative changes in the lower lumbar spine resulting in mild bilateral foraminal stenosis at L4-5 and L5-S1.  I know it would probably take a radiologist to decipher all this for me, but has anyone delt with similiar MRI results and what did they do to treat you.  The study may say mild stenosis and mild disk protrusion but it feels a hell of a lot worse.  Plus the numbness and burning thigh thing is driving men nuts.  thanks everyone for listening.
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LOL, just noticed I said my burning thigh is driving men nuts.  I meant to say driving me nuts.  I'm a little red faced!!
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hey guys just lookin to c if anyone can help. for past year my back has hurt more and more and i it starts at my waist down both my legs usually the left more but its a sever stabing pain my foot will go numb alot and i havent stood up straight since it started. my real prob is pain medicens do work and it helps me walk alot longer before i feel like im gonna get sick. but after about a week or so the meds dont seem to do anything..im takin vicoden and muscle relaxers. cycobenziprine i think,  i didnt know if anyone had same kinda issue.
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