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What have i done to myself?? Back and neck injury

I hope with the experience off this site someone can help me(hell im desperate here).5 doctors and 1 chiro later im still not certain what i've done to myself but it's scary as hell.March 2nd I was doing seated front lat pull downs.Usually I do 3 sets of 10 reps 140lbs to warm up.That day I wasn't fully concentrated(death in family) and (I know im a retard for not being mentally there to concentrate). That day I decided to do 20 reps and on the last pull I had a sharp electric pulse across my upper back right into my teeth.Lasted 3 sec went away and I finished the entire work out.Next morning I woke up and felt like a sledgehammer hit me dead center ,had some hard time breathing.Went to the doctor after one week and they did a slew of tests on my heart nothing wrong,said back muscles super hard and tense.Other doctors checked x-rays showed my spine was crooked to the left but nothing broken and not alarming enough to worry.Front chest pressure went away and upper left back preesure and pain started.Chiro put his finger on my c-7 rear outter rib and pain flared.Trapezius muscle was hard as a rock and now the tension went left side back,all neck hard as a rock and tingling and pressure lower jaw and sometimes upper when its really bad(tingly teeth).I stopped all work outs and stopped muscle relaxing meds and anti-inflammatory meds (plus the garbage drup lyrica for pian never take this its horrible).Long story short im in physio because everyone says its my rear rib out of place???(xrays looked good wtf??).They managed to message the trapezius enough and neck muscles(when tensed makes me dizzy and eyes heavy) enough to feel good a few days (jaw still tense though its really annoying having jaw pressure 24/7).Then after 3-4 days comes back and rinse repeat the whole physio etc.Been since 2nd march doesn't seem to get better unless I do nothing at all for 5 days in a row then maybe I feel better in the back area and neck but jaw still under tension.People say hey you may have costchondritis?? but thats front ribs and front is fine.Thats about it folks,no headache,loss of appetite etc.... Is this a virus? muscular? anyone solves this for me hell ill mail you a cheque at this point!!!!I've spent 1000+ just on doctors and 1000+ on physiotherapist/ergotherapist!! Can I eat stuff to help ?products,exercises? something or are the doctors in left field here.It feels like I have the weird siatic nerve pain we've all felt except upper left side of back spanning out to spine,neck and jaw.Always those areas never anywhere else arm,shoulders fine ??
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First off I didn't see anywhere that you were given a mri or ct scan. The pain,tingling, ect  you are experiencing can very well be caused by a problem with one or more of your disc. X-rays do not show soft tissue injuries very well. There is a chart on my profile that shows the entire nerve conduction system (I think it is the first pic) You may want to look at it and compare the problems you are having with pain ect to the areas the doctors said are messed up on you. Tingling, numbness, burning, involuntary or problems with voluntary movement and parts feeling as if they have fallen asleep but are difficult to wake up are all signs of a nerve being compressed and can result in permanent nerve damage.

You should look up good neurologist in your area and get in with them asap. Also having adjustments made if you do have a disc problem can make things worse. Also try hot baths to try to get your muscles to relax along with ibuprofen and if doing nothing is what it takes to stay pain free do it. Trust me I have severe back problems. If I had known then what I know now I would have sat on my butt and not moved until I got a correct diagnosis instead of going along with my dr. Thanks to sheer stupidity I only have about 22% of the feeling from my waist down. If there is anything I can help you with as far as dealing with pain or getting reatment feel free to send me a message. I hope you are soon free of pain. Best wishes, Sissie
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Thank you very much for answering.I will consult the chart and see what or if I may indeed have  a nerve pinched etc.I had asked my doctor(s) for an MRI but they all said becuase we know where its injured that would not be required since it will show us what we already know....thats what they all said.Oddly enough if this is good news or not,the spasms  or spurr ups of the problems are fewer and far between.I can sleep on my back again for maybe 1-2 hours a night where before after 10 minutes id wake up with my heart racing and my back hurting like crazy.Either it's because i've built up a tolerance to it or its better.BUT I can function at work better where before I couldn't go to work at all.I take no drugs which to me is a good thing.I increased my  Vitamin D3 consumption to 3000ius a day because they say when the body is healing that D3 is consumed faster.The adult male daily dose should be 2000 so im in a safe range at 3k.In two weeks if I feel the same I will attempt to find a private neurologist in Montreal Canada area and do as you recommended to weed out the nerve issue.In Canada if your family doctor won't sign off for mri's or ct scans,they won't do them even if you pay at a private lab(damn government rules).BUT if I can find a private neurologist then for sure id pay and go.The reasoning why they never sent me to do these scans is I have total mobility without pain(touch floor extend arems,legs,shoulders etc) and also because the initial chest tension that started all this off was a true sign it was muscular or tissue damage that holds the rib to the soft tissue at the spine.(Thats what they said) and the front tension is gone its all behind me upper left side.I pretty much took their word for it since I know nothing at all medically,and I mean nothing.The physiotherapist thankfully does not make me do anything awkward (in case it is nerves that hopefully won't provoke it more I hope).The message the rib by gently pushing down on it,and message all my back,neck muscles to loosen them up.The day of it feels worse then the next day I feel way better.They usually tighten up over 3-4 days but never to where they were 2 months ago.I'll start searching for a private neurologist now and keep you posted.Thanks again !!!!
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I hope you can get a mri done. That really does suck that you have to jump through hoops like that. The reason I said it could be a disc issue is because when mine first started to go out I would be fine then I would wake up and barely be able to move. I still went to work, school, ect. My dr diagnosed me with kidney infections for two years. I also kept going to a chiropractor to get my back adjusted and in the x-rays it showed my back was a little out of alignment. My chiro told me that a series of adjustments would straighten it out and that I would only have to come in for periodic adjustments after that. The adjustments did help and they were followed up with massages. I think the massage helped to stop the inflammation and relaxed my muscles.
It wasn't until three year later that my back went completely out. I woke up in severe debilitating pain and as we had just moved and I had no dr there. I went to four ers unfortunately it was the weekend so they didn't have the techs to run the mri. The next day I ended up paralyzed from my waist down. I regret not getting second opinions and it leading to my paralysis. Oh well there is no going back now lol. If you don't like to take med and lean more to the herbal remedies you should try Black cherry extract for inflammation and complex b vitamins for nerve support. They help a lot. As a matter of fact the black cherry helps better than anything I was ever prescribed and the complex b worked so well it was waking up nerves that were still getting pinched (I have since the first round herniated two more disc) and made it too painful to continue. I hope it is just problems with muscles and nothing else. Best wishes, Sissie
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