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What to do about my back and neck pain?

I am 14 1/2. For the past two years I have been to countless doctors, had x-rays, MRI's, CAT scans, Ultra Sounds, medication meant for adults, shots, and every other thing you could think of. I have scoliosis and I thought at first that was what was causing my pain. My doctors tell me that this is not possible. My lest scapula has been hurting very badly for a long time. Not only does the bone hurt but the muscle. It starts as soon as I wake up and doesn't go away.I am conscious of my posture and do not believe it to be the cause. The pain worsens if I am carrying anything at arms lengths, even if i am carrying a light bag over either of my shoulders, or if I lean over or breath in hard. I have tried hot and cold pads, pain medication, and a lot of other stuff, but i haven't seen any relief for the past two years. I want the pain to stop and if anyone has any idea how I can do this I would appreciate it. If it says how above then oops because I only read the first 4. I am only 14 1/2 any suggestions on what to do.
                                                          ~Starr Cere~
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I assume you've ruled out cervical spine disorders? Because the lower cervical can and does refer pain to the scapular area.

Another thing to look at would be Myofacial pain syndrome and the development of Trigger Points in your muscles.

Take Care
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No we haven't considered either of those options. I hope it is one of them because I really want to stop going to these dumb doctors!!! Thanks for your input!
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