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neck MRI found Syrinx. Now need brain and lumbar MRI

Hi.  i'm a 26 year old male, 6 foot 190.  
I've been having headaches, back pain for 9 months. Oddly even persistent chest pain which i went to the E.R. for. Basically got told not heart attack..  More recently its become low back and tailbone pain.  After no help from PT/Meds.  I finally got a cervical and thoracic MRI.  It showed a "tiny Cervical syrinx".  It took a month and half, but finally had my appointment with neurosurgeon. Basically had a quick exam and was recommended to now get a brain MRI and lumbar to see if there something that could be the cause of this syrinx as I haven't had any trauma and apparently don't have chiari.  The fact I had to wait 1.5 months to find out I need more MRI's and get basic info is extremely frustrating by these docs, but I suppose that's not why I am here.

I don't know exactly why I am just worried about the whole thing.  Neuro told me that it was too small that draining it would make it worse, but the additional MRI's are just to rule out things like a brain tumor or tethered cord being the cause of syrinx.  So thats obviously all scary.  Anyone have any experience or advice?  it seems there is very limited info on Syrinx on the web.

Are they just being thorough to rule out tumors etc? It ***** cause the only solution I found on the web are surgery  and she said surgery probably wouldn't be recommended (nor do i think i am at the point as a 26 Y.o for spine surgury.) She said not to do anything different, keep exercising, so just waiting with this depressing appointment looming.  Any thoughts advice info would be appreciated.

2 weeks until the Brain MRI.
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  Hi and welcome to MedHelp.

How do you know you do not have Chiari?

The brain MRI will help determine if Chiari is a factor or some other malformation within the skull.....

A syrinx or Syringomyelia does have a reason for the CSF flow to be obstructed which then forms the syrinx.....

You may want to post in the Chiari forum...as there are members there with both Chiari and syringomyelia.
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the neurosurgeon said it wasn't chiari.  it was diagnosed from the cervical mri.
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  Just to be safe get a second opinion.....this DX is often missed..
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