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tingly legs and feet

i have had tingly and numb legs and my feet feel like they are walking on pebbles this has been going on for about 4 months i ve had all the relevant blood tests which all proved negative, this condition is constant and after about 3hours it becomes quite painfull to even stand, any ideas?
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maybe if you make an appointment with a Neurologist, he could help.
Peripherial Neuropathy maybe.
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Are you a diabetic?
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I started with that maybe 9 years ago... still have it now and dont know what it is... do you stand a lot or have you had any neck problems... call  a doctor definately to check it out
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no iv had all the blood tests done thiriod diabetes ect they all come back negative was a bricklayer for 25yrs berore i started teaching 3yrs ago thinking it must be lower back, thanks for your imput tony475
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Were the test just Glucose ***** on the finger? Or the A1c test? I was a diabetic for about 12 years before they decided to do a A1c test.

One thing I was told and it worked for me was to drink lots of water.....

Worked great for my carpel tunnel, in both wrist.

I wish well... I FEEL your pain... sometimes.

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I have this...My symptoms are from L5S1 which is lower back level....the lowest level in the lumbar. I had a disc to herniate which resulted in all these problems. I just had a fusion three months ago to hopefully take some of worst of these problems away. Some are gone some days, and other days..not!  It feels like your feet are stoned bruise on the bottom and the longer I stand the worse it would get...
You are a bricklayer....which is one of the hardest jobs on your back...I would say it is your back...Please take care of your back because I have been it terrible pain for the last five years and there is no going back...to all normal once you have ruined it. I would start with a neurologist with a MRI. Alot of leg pain comes from a problem in your back.
Good luck
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not sure what type of blood test it was (not use to visiting the doctors) but the nurse took three files of blood from me, and i think they checked for about a dozen different things, all of which came back negative, i know they checked for thiriod , diabetes blood pressure, etc, iv stopped using the gym now as it seemed to make the problem even worse, got an appointment with neuroligist next month hopefully get some answers then, thankyou all for your help and input tony475
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I can imagine the horrible wait for the results! Good luck with your appointment and hope to get some answers…. Please keep us posted on your condition.
I’ll be watching for your results.
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