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Back Attack!

3 months ago an MRI revealed buldging discs (L4/5 and S1) and I have been taking Oxycodone and receiving epidural injections (which do not help).  The pain is only getting worse all the time.  My Neuro said I cannot be helped by surgery, but I have made an appointment with an Ortho to confirm that opinion. A few weeks ago he added Morphine to my meds, but the pain is simply increases every day.  

5 days ago, after having a truly painful, but otherwise uneventful day I han an unprovoked "Attack" of my back.  I've never felt anything like it in my life!  I don't cry much, but I was howling for 3 days, especially if I tried to move.  Not the cute, boo hoo, either -  I mean uncontrolable bawling.  Could it have been what people call a "Spazm?"  There was no injury - I didn't lift anything or twist my back.  In my 20 year "career" in pain I have only been to the ER 3 times in my life and 2 of those visits took place in the last 5 days.  They gave me a Toradol inj. and some oral (narcotic) muscle relaxer one day and A steroid - oral Rx and injection and Delaudid injection and oral diazepam 2 days later when there had been no improvement.  The treatment helped just slightly - I still suffer terrible pain, cannot stand up straight, but the crying has ceased.

I saw my Neuro yesterday, but this time I was prepared...The ER doc suggested Fentanyl patch.  I looked it up, printed 25 pages of indications, opioid conversion charts, patient instructions, etc.  I was given 100 mcg gel patch which I applied for the first time 13 hours ago.  I am feeling a little better (have not taken anything else for it so far today).  Thanks to the good people on this site, I am informed that peak serum level can be expected at about 17 hours.  So, I think I might be on the right path.

Has anyone ever heard of such a terrible back unprovoked back attack?  Could it just be a reaction by my body from enduring such high levels of pain for so long?

Even if you can't answer,  I'd like to thank you for being here.  I have looked at other sites, which to my utter amazement are written by real "Junkies" who have clever (and often disgusting) ways of getting high - not sincerely and responsibly trying to manage genuine pain.

Many thanks!
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Hi there!

Well, it would be difficult to say what had caused the acute pain. This could be due to sudden inflammation or continued inflammation reaching at a peak level or due to other causes such as muscle spasm etc. I would recommend having this evaluated by a neurologist or an orthopedician for suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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I too suffer from the same type of back pain. I have a herniated L4-5 disc(s), and I have these "attacks" as well. In fact, I have one going on today. I am on 5mg of Methadone, and that is it. I am planning on asking for the Fentanyl TD as well. I too am not bad enough for surgery; I often wonder what it will feel like when I am bad enough for surgery!! I cannot even imagine. I just wanted to let you know there is someone else out there who is just like you! Thanks for you post!!

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