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Back Surgery AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

I had lower lumber discectomy feb 2008 for L5 herniated disc.  I also have degenerative disc disease.. I had to go back to the Nuerosurgeon last week cause I hurt so bad on the other side now.  They will do another MRI  Nov 20th.  He said when he did surgery he fixed the herniated disc but that one was bulging and it is probably hernitated now.  Why didnt he just go ahead the first time and fix it too????   I hurt so bad when I lay down to sleep.  Worse than before.  I wak up at least 5 times a night.  I use the little electral things.  Tens unit is what it is and it helps.  I take valium, soma and percocet when I need it.  I still wake up hurting.   Little help here??
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I'm so sorry you are having so mucc PAIN , I know what it is to live with PAIN everyday of my life i turned down the surjery the ortho wanted to do a fusion L5 S1 , I also have DDD Facet Artropathy and fibro ,Osteoartritis so what to do what to do.
I Hope you get some relief i know how bad it is plz stay positive.
                                                       God Bless!
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Hi Nuggetone,
I'm sorry to hear you are in such pain.  Here is my story:  L5/S1 rupture, laminectomy discectomy in March 2007.  Reherniation in July 2008, second laminectomy/discectomy in August 2008.  It has been almostn 13 weeks and I am in moren pain than before my first surgery.  Had repeat MRI in October 2008.  Showed annular tear nat L4/L5, grade I spondylisthesis atn L4/L5, moderately extensive post-op scarring around thecal sac and nerve roots, L5 sacralization.  I do not know what half of this even means!!  OS wants to hold off until February.  It hurts, I know.

Have a good day!
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