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Do any Teenagers have prolapsed discs???

I am looking for teens who suffer from prolaped discs.I am a sufferer of one [compacted and prolapsed l4/5] and i would love to talk to someone who had /has got this for advice on treatment and what to do if it gets bad.
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SO - are you saying you have a ruptured L 4-5 disc? And by your nickname do you ride horses? That type of activity could lead to a ruptured disc. Any kind of jarring injury or activity can do that. These can be chronic annoying problems or sudden acute problems causing ongoing annoying pain or sudden agonizing pain. How they are dealt with depends on how bad they are. If the disc press on a nerve so bad that a leg is losing strength, then surgery is needed to get the disc off the nerve. Otherwise surgery is restricted usually to those who are having intractable pain. It can be a frustrating source of chronic pain. It can definitely put a stop to activities you enjoy.
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thanks for replying to my message, just for clarity, the disc is herniated and compacted not ruptured. Yes I do ride horses, the disc injury was as a result of a bad riding accident in 2012.I suffer from incontinence which happens on a daily basis.
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