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Lower back and hip pain

I have extreme pain in my back and hip area mostly while I sleep. (or try to ). I am a side sleeper and can not sleep on my back. I have tried, by wake myself up with my snoring :)
During the day the pain in my back is not so bad and the hips don't bother me too much either.
It seems to me that the pressure of laying on my sides is causing this pain.
I have gone to my Dr. and he has ordered a x-ray of my lumbar spine. I will get  results on Monday.
I do have a cervical fusion in my neck C4- C-6, so I am worried that my back is deteriorating and that is what is causing the pain in my hips.
Will a x-ray spot this, or is it better to have a CT scan? I can not have a MRI as I have a plate in my neck.  
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Ortho Dr. says I have Chronic degenerative disco genic disease evident at the L4/5 level. Also Advanced atherosclerotic pathology is present.
Not sure what all that means except it still hurts.
Dr. wants me to do PT for 3 weeks then come back.
I am going to another doctor for a 2nd opinion as I do not think PT is the answer and original Dr never explained the above finding.

Do you know what they are talking about?
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  Good luck I hope it works and I hope u get good news at the Drs.
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Thank you so much for giving me this suggestion. I will try it.
I would love to get a least 1 good nights sleep.
I will let you know how it works.
I go to the Ortho. today to find out what is wrong with me.
My PC gave me muscle relaxers, which I will not take ( I have a phobia about new meds. ) and I don't think it is muscles, I think it is nerves.
We shall see.
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  Hi....I too have issues sleeping on my side with hip and shoulder pains...and while in the hospital the nurses showed me how to sleep part on my back and part on my side that took that excess weight off my hips and shoulders....

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder that affects all my joints, they pop in and out of joint, so sleeping on them really hurts.

SO u take a body pillow or a xtra blanket and roll it up and tape it...then place it in the bed...so it is where ur back will be...when u lay down, u lay flat leaning onto this along the one side of u and slowly turn to the side...this roll/pillow will hold up part of u so all of it will not be on ur side...and u r not really on ur back...it works for me...

I hope u can understand this ....good luck.
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