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Lymphangioma - Occipital Neck Region

During recovery from hip replacement in 2011, I developed a stiff neck. I thought I was overdoing my recovery, but the inconvenience continued. I could only turn my head 1/4 each direction with pain. After 3 doctors examined me, MRI's, CAT scans, they sent me to Baylor Dallas to a pediatrician. He told me that my "injury" was usually caused during travel down the birth canal, not a 69 year old man. He drained the pockets at the base of my skull, and my pain and loss of neck usage disappeared. It came back, however, and now I am told that they can go in there and cut out the pockets and sew them up. NO WAY JOSE!  I may be worse off than I am now. NO GUARANTEES!
I have no fever, no infection, no symptoms except painful movement side to side of my head. What are my options? Who can I go to for help?  Does anyone else have these symptoms? HELP!
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Hi there!

Well, the only definite treatment of lymphangioma is surgery while drainage may provide temporary healing. In not willing for a surgery, you may consider repeated drainage with pain management as suggested by your treating doctor.

Take care!
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Hi, I'm no doctor, I can only speak from my own experiences. If it were me, id seek chiropractic opinion and go from there. I really wish u the best in whatever u decide!! *hugs*
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