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MRI interpretation?

This is what my MRI findings said and I do not understand.  Can anyone help me?  This is all because my right leg has been in severe continuous pain for over 3 years and I have to stand to do my job.  I need to get rid of this, I cannot do any walking anymore or pretty much anything else.  Anyway, here are the findings:

"Impression: Mild multilevel lower lumbar spondylosis and lower lumbar facet
osteoarthritis as detailed below. No canal or foraminal stenosis. No disc
herniation or nerve root impingement.

Inflammatory changes in the right L4-5 facet joint.

Findings: Vertebral body heights, alignment, and bone marrow signal is
preserved. Mild diffuse disc desiccation with loss of the normal intrinsic T2
signal. Mild multilevel disc height loss L2-L5. The conus terminates at a
normal level. The central canal and neuroforamen are patent. Mild multilevel
generalized disc bulges L2-L5. Shallow central broad-based protrusion L5-S1.
Mild-moderate L4-5 and L5-S1 facet osteoarthritis. Small L4-L5 facet effusions
and periarticular inflammatory change, right greater than left. Mild degeneration with T2 signal hyperintensity and non-masslike enhancement along
the interspinous ligament of the L3 and L4 vertebral bodies. Otherwise, no
abnormal enhancement. Sagittal survey images demonstrate mild lower cervical
and thoracic degenerative spondylosis. Dedicated imaging of the sacrum
demonstrates normal bone marrow signal and patent neuroforamina. "

Thanks for any help
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I believe you. Spine disease comes with all kinds of pain, and when it is left untreated, the pain can take on a life of its own.

The MRI mentions that there's both scar tissue and inflammation around the spinal root nerves, which can be causing your pain.

Physical therapy and NSAIDs may also help reduce this inflammation and hopefully, reduce your pain, and a good interventional pain doctor should help you feel more comfortable without surgery.
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thank you, but believe it or not, my back does not hurt - my right leg is really painful!
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The back consists 24 bones called vertebrae separated by discs. Each disc is called a level. These levels are named C1 - C7, T1-T12, and L1-L5. At the bottom of the spine is a triangular bone called the sacrum.

At each level, the spine is supported by the disc and two joints called facet joints. These joints allow you to bend your spine in 2 dimensions.

Your MRI reports facet arthrosis or commonly known as facet syndrome. This is an osteo-arthritic condition of the spine -- spondylosis.

You are probably in pain -- find an interventional pain doctor who can offer nerve ablation treatment which should resolve much of the pain in your lower back.

Best wishes.
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