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Need help figuring out my MRI of the neck

Can someone help me figure out my MRI. I had a neck MRI done June 28 2012. I have neck pain and my right arm is numb off and on. Here are the results of it.



INDICATIONS: Cervicalgia.


Sagittal T2, T1 inversion recovery and axial T2 images of the cervical
spine were obtained along with localizer images.

The examination reveals the craniocervical junction is unremarkable.
Medial aspect of the posterior fossa of the brain is normal in
appearance. Spinal cord is normal in course, caliber, and signal.
Vertebral bodies are normal in height and alignment. There is no edema.

Axial sections show C2-3 is unremarkable. C3-4 shows no
neurocompressive change. C4-5 shows right foraminal encroachment to a
moderate degree due to spondylotic ridge and uncovertebral spur.

C5-6 shows a small central disc ridge complex which contacts the cord
without compressing it.

C6-7 shows a small central disc protrusion with annular tear without
nerve root compression.

C7-T1 is unremarkable. The portions of the brachioplexus that are
visible are unremarkable.

CONCLUSION: No focal signal abnormality in the cord. Small discs are
seen C5-6 centrally, C6-7 centrally, right uncovertebral spur at C5-6
also results in right foraminal encroachment to a mild degree. C4-5
also shows right uncovertebral spur with mild foraminal encroachment on
the right.
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Your DR. should have explained it?
It sounds mostly normal, with a little indication of some arthritis or wear type damage. (we get old, it happens.....) 6-7 has mild disk damage, but most likely will resolve itself with conservative treatment or lifestyle.
You can slow down the wear, and help the improvement:
Drink plenty of water. (yes, water helps everything, and disks are fluid sacs basically)
Reduce impact sports, such as running on hard surfaces. Don't "twist and pop" your neck.
And very important, strengthen your neck and shoulder muscles. This is what takes pressure off of your c-spine.
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Contact the radiologist who read the scan...they get paid (lots) to explain what they are saying. By the way, I always look at the scan as they are talking. They may not know the cause, but it is THEIR job to help you understand the report. If they try sending you to your primary care doc, just say "Nope!" and insist.
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