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Spinal misalignment adjustment not holding/Undiagnosed symptoms need help???

Went from Urgent Care > ER > ENT > Neurologist to NUCCA. Dealing with what they first diagnosed as vertigo about a year ago now until the NUCCA diagnosed it as spinal misalignment about 10 months ago.

I am thinking when my back and neck hurt is when I feel the most dizzy and off balance. My urine, blood, CT of head/cervical spine, Xrays of back/neck, MRI of brain have all came back good. It was only the NUCCA xrays that actually showed something which was the misalignment. My NUCCA is good but been seeing him for about 10 months and after he adjusts me I'm good for a few days but than I fall back into the suffering symptoms.

I just seen a neurosurgeon which had me do all new xrays ct and mri and he said he was stumped there was nothing he could domm but I didn't need surgery. I even told him I know something is wrong amy suggestions of who to see and he didn't know. I can barely stand up still and am always dizzy and am only 30 years old.

The NUCCA is only temp relief and I've tried it for a year and have all the same issues o did a year ago.

I am just at the point where its hard to function in life and I've seen everyone I could think of. I want to avoid surgery but I am kind of lost now of what to do. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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Thought I posted a response, but it's not here.  I believe I said that spinal misalignment doesn't necessarily cause any pain at all.  It doesn't seem likely it would cause dizziness and the other symptoms you're describing; if anything, it might cause some stiffness and pain or if nerve impingement some nerve pain.  I'm guessing this is why surgery was not recommended as it doesn't seem to be the cause.  More investigation with docs seems to be called for.  Peace.
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