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Urination problem from herniated L5-S1 disc?

I am a 22 year old male. Three months ago I was at the gym and my back gave out during an exercise. Three months later I still have lower back pain. I went to a doctor last week and after taking an MRI I was diagnosed with a herniation in L5-S1. I was told that it was not severe enough to require surgery because I haven't experienced any leg pain and the disc wasn't pushing on the nerve. Over this 3 month period I have had multiple episodes where I would have problems or discomfort urinating. Such problems would be the inability to urinate even with a full bladder. I also have had severe burning sensations for hours at a time and the constant feeling I had to urinate, and the inability to control my bladder due to pain sometimes. I figured this was completely unrelated and may have gotten a UTI. I am now reading this may be related to the back pain and could be from a kidney disorder. The pain in my back is right above my kidneys. Could this be serious? Should I inform my doctor or is this normal to experience from herniated discs?
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No more deadlifts, squats, bent over rows of any sort and work a hell of a lot on arresting and core strength.
My surgery now was almost a year ago I'm training harder than ever now lifting heavier than ever 95kg weight 178cm height and only 11% body fat so I'm at the peak of my life with my phyique after i was told never again, but I can't stress enough, when you get that feeling of "hey I might give this a go" and it's something you know will push your spine DO NOT do it
Stick to lateral pulldown, chinups etc

Hope this has been helpful I do think your problem urinating etc might be your kidneys and not the disc bulge so drink more water enough to drown in everyday and goto the doctor however if the infection was very seriousnin your kidneys you would find yourself passing blood

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By the sounds of things it could be related for sure but I doubt after 3months it's a UTI,
I herniated a disc at L3/L4 by doing bent over rows in the gym and at the time (September last year) I was 22 as well.
I had bad lower back pain prior and sciatic pain because my back was not good so I have been going pretty hard in the gym for 5years now.
After the injury and being rushed to hospital I did have surgery and for 2 months after it was pretty freaky all the rehabilitation etc, but it had to be done before I lost bladder control etc
I was told no more gym for 2 years, well I started gym again after 2months after the surgery which was a bit crazy but know your limits now no more deadlifts
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