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foot and leg tingling

I had l5 s1 back surgery 8-13-14 and am now a little more than a month out. I was sent to a pain management doctor for chronic pain and was told that i have si joint dysfunction or facet joint pain on the left side. i am scheduled to get an injection tuesday however this afternoon i started feeling leg and foot tingling again on the same side that i had all the pain on before. the doctor seems to think that it is caused from the facet or si joint. I dont believe that i re herniated my disc but at this point no one will give me another mri to make sure or anything. the pain started on the right side which i had no pain to begin with on that side and is located in the butt. i fell on sunday and they think that i aggravated something in there. has anyone had this happen or can anyone give advice on what could be going on.
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5 year ago.
I have similar issue at L4/5 and L5/S1 with compression on nerve root due to huge disc bulging.
I have partially recovered within a short time frame of 4week.
Now 5 years later I am back to normal.
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I have similar issue at L4/5 and L5/S1 with compression on nerve root due to huge disc bulging. I have partially recovered within a short time frame of 4week.
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You need to come to understand the different components of your LBP.  Often LBP is due to simultaneous disease in discs, joints, ligaments, root never compression, and compression within the canal space, itself. On top of all that, there is usually muscle pain throughout the lower back.

Your surgery, no doubt, had something to do with discectomy and perhaps fusion -- correct? This may or may not have dealt with a certain amount of pain, coming from the disc area.

Now you're hearing information about facet and SI joints syndromes. These are not discs -- you need to study the anatomy of the spine to understand the difference.

Joint disease can go hand in hand with disc disease, as each layer of the spine is supported by a triangle made of disc, left, and right facet joint. If the disc skews the upper vertebrae, this stresses the facet joints through compression or extension.

Fortunately, treatment for facet syndrome, although invasive, is not surgery, but a procedure called medial branch nerve ablation.

Research facet syndrome, spondylosis, and radio frequency ablation on back sites like spineuniverse or spine-health.com (or a half dozen others), and talk to your interventional pain doctor about the process.

Good luck and best wishes.
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