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lower back pinched nerve?

I have chronic pain in my right leg and right foot to the point I have stopped running/exercising. The pain is a deep pain and very achy.  Also at times the skin will have different sensations from one part of say the calf to the other side of the calf.  I have had the pain for 8 to 9 years and when the pain first started it was primarily in the thigh I had a bone scan and MRI and found nothing.  The pain in the foot is most aggrevating and has caused me to alter my exercising. I went to an othro 2 weeks ago who specializes in foot/ankle he sent me for an EMG to look for tarsel tunnel, the neurologist did the EMG from hip to foot and found nothing.  He suggested I next have an MRI on lower back to look for a pinched nerve.  I don't have any lower back pain except when I bend over and stand up and the back is stiff.  Am I wasting my money and time having an MRI on lower back? The neurologist said 2nd thing he would do would be an MRI on brain.  I do have fibromyalgia but don't feel this is related. I'm not overweight and otherwise in excellent health. I don't have the classic sciatic pain either.
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Maybe you have a pinched nerve,but ,clinically,it looklike soft tissue injury in lower back area (L4/L5),which means inflammation tissue lead to right leg pain and right foot pain ,and this tissue also can stimulate nerves,then affect sensations of calf and back stiff ,etc

So physical examination of lower back is more important than MRI,It's hard to know inversion therapy works for you or not.
Good luck!

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You have a pinched nerve!!!!!!  I suffered for 15+ years with the same symptoms (40 years old) - I too was an athlete growing up and spent my 20's and thirties just coping.  Finally I realized that it was affecting my career and family.  MRI's showed inflammation and disc alignment issues. I was open for anything until I found inversion therapy.  I use inversion therapy to realign my spine and yoga for strength.  Sounds way too simply, I felt the same way, trust me IT WORKS.  I may need surgery in the future, but for now I am healing and loving life again!   No doubt it's a pinched nerve, continue to seek help, try inversion and you'll recover!   Good luck!!!
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