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Life After the Reversal

I had my original RnY Bypass in October of 2016.  My first two post op hospital admissions were for pancreatitis.  After that the hospital became my home away from home.  I have been admitted to the hospital about 12 times in just over a year.  I had two complication related surgeries before having the whole thing reversed in July of 2017.  I have lost 20 pounds since the reversal and the weight is falling off faster now then it did before the surgery.  I can't eat much and that problem seems to be getting worse. I'm eating less and less and smaller meals everyday.  Everything I eat makes me nauseous. Though that doesn't last too long.  Before the reversal I was nauseous all the time.  I have fought severe dehydration and even syncope spells (fainting).  That has been going on since December of 2016.  I guess I'm curious if I should be concerned about the symptoms I have been having since the reversal, especially the rapid weight loss?  Has anyone else had a reversal and if so, how did it go?
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