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For 5 years I have been dealing with headaches, eye pain, brain fog, heavy legs, depression and anxiety. I’ve done every test, which all come back negative and nobody knows what’s wrong with me. I ended up finding a physical therapy clinic and they told me that I’ve only been walking on my right leg for so long and never using the left. Which made sense because my right leg always ached. They ended up giving me glasses which were to train my brain into using the left leg. They gave me retainers for my mouth to keep my jaw in place. They also gave me my own insoles which they molded to fit my feet and I had to wear a certai pair of shoes, because my arches on my feet were too high. They told me to do a lot of walking and running and be active again. So I tried for about 2/3 months and it ended up helping me and I was starting to feel better. I ended up becoming really in love with health and found out about plant based diet (vegan). My family thinks I became too neurotic and took it too far. I ended up feeling so good, I felt healthy and pure and clean and free. I wouldn’t eat all day and I would work out instead. I just really wanted to feel better already. I would sleep only 4 hours because I felt that it was enough and I didn’t need anymore sleep. I began feeling like I had a special power and that I can read people and if I did some breathing exercise I can make certain people feel good or that I can feel the way someone was feeling. One night I was really weird according to my family and they took me to the hospital. They ended up keeping me there for 2 weeks and disagnosed me with bipolar disorder. As I was in the hospital, I felt all my symptoms coming back. Once I got out and tried all my gear on, it didn’t work anymore. I believe I don’t have bipolar disorder at all. I think I just was starting to feel healthy and happy again after 5 years of pain and I didn’t really know how to control myself. I am currently taking lithium and on the verge of ending this process to see if I really do have bipolar disorder. The only thing this medication has helped me with is to stay calm. It makes me eat, gain weight, extremely tired, more depressed and doesn’t do anything for me really. Could a few years of depression have lead me to this breaking point? I believe I don’t have it and I don’t understand how they disagnosed me with this. But any advice? Especially with the symptoms I mentioned in the beginning. Sorry for the long story I’m just pretty desperate into feeling good again. Thanks.
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