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Bi-Polar or Anti-Social Personality Disorder?

My 19-year-old daughter was diagnosed with bipolar when she was 16.  I have a family history of the disorder, but it never seemed to fit her pattern of behavior.  She consistantly lies, steals, manupulates and is verbally and physically abusive.  She won't hold a job or contribute around the house in any way (she's actually very destructive) and can be very charming and convicing when she wants something.  She dropped out of high school and she is in trouble with the police and has many collection agencies after her because she get credit cards and checking accounts with no intention of ever paying the bill.  She has no remorse of empathy.  She has been asked to leave our home on more than one occasion because of her actions.  The problem is that when she's home, our lives are in chaos and when she's gone, we worry about her constantly.  She has no concern for her own safety and I truly expect to get a call any day telling me my daughter is dead.  She drinks and does drugs occasionally, but that is not the main problem.

Do you think she may have ASPD and what are my options?  I am at my wits end with this child and I think I'm losing my mind.  She won't accept help of any kind but I just can't give up on her.      

I have recently read a description of Anti-social personality disorder and it was like reading a description of my daughter.  Is it possible that she could have gone undiagnosed even though she has been seeing a psychiatrist?  She won't take any medication or see a therapist on a regular basis.  Any adivse would be greatly appreciated.
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i am bipolar and i take lexapro. the meds work well with the disorder but i cant seem to get myself out of the house to go find a job. i say im going to do it the morning i wake up and ill get ready but i never make it out the door. if i do manage to get into town ill fill out one or two applications and call it a day. when i get home and a few days pass i try to pick up the phone to call them but it just doesnt happen. its almost like im scared because i dont know what to say. it seems like i dont try but really i am and i dont know whats wrong with me. I cant even hold a conversation with some one or have eye contact what so ever. Im always racing through the grocery store just to get out of there and i dont even buy clothes like a normal person does on a regular basis. I dont do drugs and i sometimes drink. Am i still showing symptoms of the bipolar disorder or am i just making up excuses because im really confused.
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I used to do things like your daughter as well.  I am now on medication and on disability.  One thing that has helped me a lot in this is my faith in Jesus.  I still have ups and downs, actually right now it's a down, but I know I'll come thru it.  I  have caused my parents and my family a lot of greif and cost them a lot of money with this illness.  I feel so bad about that now.  Just keep praying for her and don't give up on her.  Sometimes it takes a while for someone to realize there mistakes.
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Thank you.  It's difficult to wait for someone you love to want help.  This is especially true with a child who may not know what "normal" feel like and therefore doesn't see any hope.

It's good to hear stories like yours.  I'll try to get her to read these posts.  
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My heart goes out to you.Until your daughter realizes her need for help thereis little you can do. whether or not she is bi polar or aspd. she very likely both. you have to be tough with and if she does wnat to come home you have to tell that she needs to get help or she cant come home.I know that seems harsh but it may be the only thing that will get through to her for her to get help. this was my option a few years back and I decided to get help I am bi polar and I use to do many of the things your daughter is doing now. when you are manic you have no fear of consequences you feel like nothing can happen to you. and then you lie steal and cheat to cover up what you have done then you crahs into depression. It may be different for your daughter but I am guessing the manic in bi polar is running her life right now.
      you and your daughter are in my prayers.I pray that she will get the help she needs.
Keep me posted. you know if you can get her to read this forum maybe we can reach her somehow.
Love Venora
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