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How long do Topamax side effects last?

I am a 41 year old woman who is on her 2nd attempt at taking Topamax for Bipolar Disorder. This go round I was put back on it in July of 2014. I am taking 100 mgs in the AM and 100 mgs at bedtime. One of my main side effects was the tingling & numbness in my fingers & toes. I am still experiencing the tingling & numbness but only in my fingertips not at all in my toes. And TBH I don't recall when my Dr last increased my dosage but I would guess it has been at least 6 months or more.

I have recently been DX'd with Pars Planitis and and am having other symptoms besides the tingling fingertips. I am calling my PCP on Monday morning to get an apointment with her but I would like to know if the tingling is still associated with the Topamax. Or is it a symptom of an underlying systemic illness that I need to be tested for.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!!
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I didn't try Topamax before but what I know is numbness and tingling are some of Topamax side effects. It become less with time.  
Are numbness and tingling really bad? or u can handle it?
Do you have any other side effects? How long to use it?

Is Topamax useful as mood stabilizer and good for weight loss according to your experience?
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The numbness & tingling can get bad at times & lasts so long it actually hurts.....I am still experiencing it and like I mentioned my dosage has not been increased for at least 6 months or more.

I do experience some slight brain fog but it's not very bad, and any carbonated drink tastes flat. So I have switched from Pepsi to sweet tea. I have been on it for 16 months this time and I have lost weight both times I have been on it....about 20 pounds both times.

It works well for me as a mood stabilizer. It did the first time as well.
Hope this helps.....

Thank you for your answer and help
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I am hesitant to use Topamax. I'm worry about barin fog issue. What is your advice?
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Hi there. I had burning prickly sensations in my feet and blurred vision with Topomax. The prickly feeling went away immediately after I stopped Topomax, but I need contacts now. My vision hasn't returned to it's baseline in the last 2 months.
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