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If I did horrible on Abilify can I expect Rexulti to be any better?

I just came off Latuda a few weeks ago because my dose was no longer effective. I am BP1. I am unable to take a higher dose because of akithesia. I tried a side med for akithesia and it didn't help. My psych put me on a trial of Rexulti. I started at .5 and went up to 1 mg a week ago. I might be feeling a fraction better on my depression but only because I don't cry all day long or have bad thoughts. I am still a long way from feeling any level of okay. Abilify was a horrible drug for me. My husband even said I was a train wreck. I go back to my psych next week and am thinking that I really don't want to waste any more time on this Rexulti experiment. Not to mention some other unpleasant side effects and the cost. I wanted to try Symbyax but my doc said there is no basis to support an antidepressant successfully treating bipolar depression. Symbyax is not a straight up antidepressant based on what I have read. I feel very frustrated being in guinea pig mode again. Latuda was my miracle drug. I started it in 2014 and it was the first time in 10 years that I actually felt alive. Is Rexulti really different than Abilify and have any of you had success with Symbyax?
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Hi.  sorry you had a bad experience on abilify.  we take medications to make us feel better and it stinks when it actually has the opposite effect.  Medications are such that each person will have their own unique response to each medication.  and even medications in the same class can work for someone when the previous one they tried did not.  So, I would try to work with your doctor to get the right fit medication for YOU.  It really can be trial and error to get the best fit.  Keep tring hon.  And to be fair. a trial of a drug does take time.  6 to 8 weeks is a fair trial unless side effects are unbearable.  Let us know how the psych appointment goes!!!  
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