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Isolation is such a big part of bipolar. When I'm manic I want to be alone & create. When depressed I feel low energy & at times an unworthy feeling that keeps me isolated.  Solutions ?
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Hey forum friend. My middle name is isolation. In fact I work from home bc people completely stress me out. Medications are the only help for me so far. Wish I could say something enlightening but I usually just tell my family to keep checking in with me to help me get through the dark times. I kind of feel like a little kid who needs to be looked after but I'm ok with that. And my family is used to it now. They know when I say to check on me... I really mean it for my sanity and safety.
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  I find it helpful to set plans to go places and be with people in advance when I am not experiencing mood changes that can lead to self isolation.
I experience this as well and it has impacted on my life and this has been one way I try to address it.
   Creativity is a good thing and there should
be groups, classes and activities that would include being with other people. I look in my local newspapers to see what community activities
are going on.
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