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Running slower than before diagnosis?

Maybe it's the meds or the diet or stress...I don't know...but it seems no matter how hard I try anymore, I just can't get up to "speed".  My thinking seems slower, my learning and reactions, my desire to do anything - including work.  I'm not in a depressed state - I've been there plenty and know what that feels like.  There are the periods of hyper-manic spikes where the energy level is higher - but still not high enough - but with the bad side effects i.e. audio/visual hallucinations, racing mind, extended sensitivity to light and taste, etc.  Doc. addded Topomax to the growing list of meds to try and break and estended manic spell - which it did - but nothing else have changed in dose or drug in a very long time.

Just feels like I'm moving in slow motion and slowing down.  Other have got to notice - you go through the day acting so no one notices the BP, but I'm not that good of an actor.  Just wondering if anyone else has had a like experience and what you changed to come back even keel.

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You can be depressed and only have the difficulty learning, low desire, slow reactions, etc.  Symptoms aren't always 100% the same each time, which is one of the things that makes it hard to identify and catch your episodes early enough at times.  You mention hypomanic spikes, which could indicate perhaps you have some sort of mixed state?  
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You ask a great question. I believe without a doubt if someone is on the kinds of meds we are on it effects everything. We feel slower, not up to par, memory problems, forgetfulness, foggy, just not clear headed, desire to do much if anything and all the others you listed. The meds effect everyone differently and although some people may not have these problems, others do. Especially if one is over medicated or on so many drugs it really has an impact. The key to our own mind is to figure out the least amount of drugs we need to help us instead of letting the pdoc through the whole med cabinet every time you see them. We must be our own advocate and do our research. I am finally on one drug, it has been about 2 months and so far so good. I realize there are people who do need more but research and asking your pdoc questions is key. More is not necessarily better. Changing however can be.

And yes, as ThatQuietGirl stated, depression and or anxiety can certainly alter our thought process.

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