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Side effects (esp hair and weight loss) of topamax for mood and migraine

I am bipolar, have chronic migraines, and doing IVF. I use lithium and lamictal for my mood stabilizers and will stay on them through my pregnancy. The tentative plan is to add topamax after baby for the migraines and an added mood stabilizer boost. I am loving the possible side effect of weight loss as I am overweight, but I would be devastated if I lose my hair. I may have a migraine everday but they're not so bad I would hand over my hair for relief. Maybe I'll feel different if I can't hold my baby steady because I'm dizzy, but I'm not there yet.

My question is have you experienced one or both of the side effects? Is hair loss always accompanied by weight loss or vice versa? Are there any tricks you've developed that really work to prevent hair loss?

The other option, the name I've spaced on, has hair loss and weight gain. Lose all around.

Also, how well has topamax worked for anyone using is as a mood stabilizer?
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