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I've been on this before (among many other anti-depressants) but I forget how I felt while on it. I'm also currently on Lithium as well, but my doctor wanted to switch me from Pristiq to Wellbutrin because I've had many down episodes.
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Wellbutrin is the only AD that doesn't make me go nuts. If you would have asked me 20 tears ago how it made me feel, I would have said stoned, but who knows because I was on other meds then too. Today it (and the Lamictal) doesn't make me feel like anything, except better, which is a good thing.
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Same here Seph,,I take wellbutrin and lamictal and feel great.  My Psych NP also added a 50mg dose of Zoloft and this is the best  I've felt in years.  And great as not in manic,,but just normal I guess, if there is such a thing!

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Thank you guys!!! :)
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