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making friends

Imnake firneds when I'm, manic...not super manic but maybe hypo manic or a bit igher than that
and people get this impression that im dilligant outgoing and social when i'm not....
sometimes I loose potnetal
friends due to mood shifts
I meet someonme in a certian mood like manic shy depressed or talkative
(whatever my mood is at the time)
and people just naturally that way all or most of the time and that its just my personality when its not
has this ever happened to anyone else on here
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Yeah, people tend to judge you in the first few minutes of meeting you and also don't think anything of your actions if they don't know there's an underlying problem.  I guess people don't think pessimistically and just assume that people have a condition affecting their actions.  I went for the longest time being severely affected by my illness where my contact with reality was totally screwed up and no one ever noticed because I guess I'm a good actor and never really talked about it out of embarrassment until I came to terms with it and plus I have communication problems sometimes so even if I did talk about it I'd probably not convey it the way I'd like to where people will take me seriously.  My boss even used to think I stood around and talked too much when in reality I was standing there and quietly listening a lot of the time which I still don't understand how she came to that conclusion.  I don't know why but it's just human nature for nearly everybody (not going to say everybody because I know there's some people out there who don't) to judge a person immediately and make conclusions accordingly.
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539549 tn?1315981662
I woud actually make great impressions on people when I was manic but then
later on they'd find it funny that I'm actully depressed most of the time
either that or
I'd make a real bad impression
I just work on trying not to talk to much when I first meet someone
I try and ask them five questions about themselef before I tell them anything about
me,....normally its a pretty good conversation starter
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