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unsociable manic-depressive

Since I have been medicated for manic-depressive illness 13 years ago I have a terrible problem working, I do not,not,not want to socialize, I do not want a thing to do with people.  I'd rather be at home by myself reading & writing.  I am not depressed.  It is just that I don't want to be around people.  I don't feel there is anything wrong with this behavior but my family feels otherwise.  Any common experiences or suggestions?  
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Stella111 - oh, yes,yes,yes, i can understand.  I've solved the problem by working for myself, by myself, at home.  This covers most bases, except the one where i have to go to the store for cat and people food.  Family and friends really don't understand.  A redundant question i have is do you feel your bahavior is this way because you're taking BP meds?  Cuz BP meds ain't suppose to make you antisocial - not saying you are.  They're suppose to help you feel better so you can keep doing the things you enjoy doing.  Maybe being alone is something you've wanted for more than 13 years...?  shawn
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I have often felt better just being by myself and not having to socialize.  I love the peace and quiet.  It is like people are over stimulating.  I had to make myself go out this holiday season.  It was actually fun.  My own family has disowned me as they think I am sick and having manic episodes are my fault and it ruins their lives.  So I have only a few friends.  And my 2 kids.  I seldom have my 2 kids either because of my manic episodes marking me as unstable.  But in response to your veiw point, I can totally relate.
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Thanks so much for the comments!  It's great to have you all to bounce questions and concerns off of.  In the past I've just always had to wonder...and, yes, shawn47, perhaps this being solitary is something I've wanted all along and being treated has given me the courage to pursue.  robin46, I'm sorry you seldom see your children.  Manic-depression is hell on motherhood.
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you GO, stella!

robin46 - what stella said.  Bipolars, generally, have a cross to carry, different sizes for different folks.  But momhood has to be the most, um, challenging and full of hurt.  I hope all goes well for you and your 2 kids.  Do your kids accept you more easily than the crappy adults?  shawn
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Me too. Before the bipolar attacks me, im such a friendly person, talkative, etc. I do not know what to do. Help and tips please :(
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Same!!!! Went into DBT along with regular therapy sessions as well and medication management that still always needs to be adjusted or that I adjust myself but I'm not supposed to do.
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