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what would happen to a bipolar if he didn't get diagnosed and treated?

I'm 17 years old and i think that i have pibolar disorder, but i didn't tell anyone because i don't know how to tell and i think i can control it, so i was wondering if it is oky to keep doing this.
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Its negligent. To put it bluntly, I don't give a **** how hard it is for you. He needs to be treated NOW. If your child had cancer, you wouldn't just "treat it yourself". Now take him to a caring professional. Make sure they're not negligent either. Make sure they are kind and actually listen to your son. Call today. Make an appointment with a therapist.
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Opps. For some reason I thought I read son in there. I just don't sleep anymore. Sorry I was so mean. Can't delete a reply whoops.

No, I mean. Don't end up like me, see a therapist. I'm miserable. I don't sleep.  I was diagnosed with bipolar 1. I just don't feel like making my mother waste her money on my medication, and talking to my therapist. I think I need to go back to the hospital. I self medicate by getting drunk and high. I flip flop with jobs, I don't stay longer than three months. Im only a year older than you. But I finished high school at 16, and started my adult life from there. Don't be a me. End of story.
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Why do you think you're bipolar?  Do you have extreme ups and downs or what do u feel?  I'm 36 and recently went to rehab for prescription pill addiction...I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the hospital and was put on a mood stabilizer. It has made such a difference...I am so much happier and almost mood swing free. If you feel you have this don't go down the self medicating road...see a doctor and get actual bipolar disorder medication...good luck
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I was diagnosed at 14 when my parents forced me to see a doctor but they didn't believe in medication so I didn't get help. At 20, when I was married and had our first baby my husband knew there was something wrong and forced me to go to a doctor. She immediately diagnosed me bipolar 1 and medicated me...I feel so much better and my parents regret not doing it sooner. You should see a professional, they will be able to diagnose you and help. Trust me, the sooner the better.
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