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zyprexa side effects anyone?

I've been taking zyprexa for almost 6 months and am still suffering side effects.  I get blurred vision and fogginess which makes it hard to concentrate.  I'm sleepy all of the time and could fall asleep at my desk if I could.  I've had bipolar disorder for 10 years and have never been sleepy all of the time.  In the past, prior to this medicine, I've always had troubles sleeping.  Does anyone else have the same problems as me?
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Zyprexa is a very sedating antipsychotic. I certainly remember from taking it. Abilify is the least sedating out of all the antipsychotics currently available. You could ask your psychiatrist about that. However, its less of a mood stabilizer so you might need to take one in addition and generally Lamictal is the least sedating out of the mood stabilizers in conventional use. You could speak to your psychiatrist about that as well.
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I am on zyprexa and I taqke it at night and it works great for me.
Have you had your thyroid checked? Blurred vision and fogginess are a symptom of hypothyroid. Get it tested and let me know what you find out.
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I am currently taking 3.75mg zyprexa, 50mg Topimax, 300mg Seroquel, and 350mg Trileptal at nightime.  I take 300mg Lamictal and 350mg Trileptal every morning.  I sleep all night, and want to sleep more.  I've had bloodwork done the past few months and my thyroid always comes back alright.  I see my counselor every other week, but it is really difficult to get a work in appointment with my psychiatrist.  He's always booked for the next 3 months and it's very frustrating for me.

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