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Anyone hav advice&pic4splint chick's clubfeet, ankles&splayed legs?

I found a newly hatched chick in the garbage & I literally hav only $12 to my name, but i dont want the actions of a jerk and my poor financial situation to determine this little guy's future. I hav taken it to the humane society and to a couple vets to relinquish it to their care or just get help splinting its legs and feet properly, but the vets want $ and the humane society wont help bc i was foolishly honest and mentioned that i had found the chick 50 miles away..."out of our jurisdiction".   If i had the gas $, id take it back to the correct jurisdiction, but i dont. Isnt there anyone out there or in san diego who is willing to help this little guy out??
I banded its legs together and made "shoes", as shown on youtube, but i hav not had the same results as shown in the videos. The videos claim 24 hrs should fix the problem. It'z been 48 hrs for this chick. The legs r now together under its body...but the toes and ankles revert back to distorted positioning when i remove the restraints.
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Cockatiel live well into their 30s, if you have a sick Cockatiel, take them to the vet, the vet gave my bird another 10 plus now he is 34 almost 35, he is obviously old and might get another year, but he's no sick he's old, if your bird is sick it most likely has a cold or pnemonia
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