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Bleeding with Mirena

Almost two months ago I had Mirena inserted.  I researched alot and found that alot of people loved it and I loved the idea of have a lite period.  Well my period started on Dec 1.  It was my first period since I had it inserted and it was right on time, no early and not late.  Well I have not stopped bleeding.  It doesn't bother me that much but I was just wondering if anyone else had experiecnced this and how long did it last?  Also my fiance is very large and during intercourse I can feel a sharp pain that I was not experiencing during the few weeks of having Mirena.  I was scared that he may have knocked it out of place but less than two weeks ago I had it checked by my OB and she said it is perfect.  And that I should not worrying.  Can someone please make me feel better about this.
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From what I have seen on the website, some women have persistent spotting for a short while, but by the end of the first year, most women either have dramatically lighter af's or none at all.

If you have any questions, definitely refer to www.mirena.com or consult your OB/GYN. You can access the patient insert on Mirena's website and that should help alleviate some of your concerns.

Good luck,
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Hi... I have had the Mirena for 15 months now.  I still have irregular periods, and sometimes they last for 2 weeks.  It is getting annoying, and I am thinking about having it out.  It is putting a damper on my sex life!  I keep waiting month after month, thinking that it will get better, but so far it hasn't.  Sorry to give you this bleak information, but that is how it has been for me.
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I had my Mirena placed in Oct 07, and I only went without spotting for 28 days since it has been it place. It is driving me CRAZY. I have an appointment with my OB the end of the month, and I am considering having it removed. I also, have very sharp pains in my sides, thought it was ovulation but it is way to often. I already have 3 children (a set of twins, and a toddler) so I don't want more kids, but I'm not ready to shut my body down that if I change my mind I can't have anymore. I hope all of us find something to work, or this Mirena starts doing what it says it will do.
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I have been using Mirena since Dec '06.  I did have spotting on and off during the first 6-12 months.  Things have been perfect from then on.  
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I had Mirena place the end of July '08.  My doctor atualy told me to come in when I was on my period.  I had a normal flow day when I went in, as soon as it was inserted I swear it acted like a dam!!  I've been spotting ever since.  And always bright red.  I'll think its finally stopped because I'll have a clean day or two and then BAM bloody underwear.  Is this what everyone is talking about?  Cause man is it getting old.  And I haven't heard of anyone else thats had it inserted DURNING their period!
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I had the Mirena inserted 6 months ago and also have experienced heavy, prolonged periods, and spotting.  As many of the other posts here have reported ....its a big pain in the neck and def puts a damper on sex life.  I really thought this was supposed to be maintainance free and help reduce your periods and it really is the opposite!
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I got the Mirena in the middle of April 09 and the first week or two I didn't have any spotting, now I have been bleeding for two weeks although it is light. Will it ever stop??? It is getting very aggravating!!! I hope when it stops I will have no more periods.
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I had mirena put in 7 weeks ago today. I'm still bleeding. I did stop for 4 but now is about the time i would get a period and believe me I got it. I went to the doctor today who told me to take provera 10 mg. and that will stop the period or at least make it lighter, depends on the flow. But my question is when do I take it. I'm going on vacation next weekend and I don't know should I take it now and the periods stop or take it next week b/c the periods start back. Anyone know
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I'm thinking about having mine removed. I had mine inserted on Dec08'. i'll have my period for 2 weeks and then have spotting inbetween. Its really frustrating cause my periods used to be very light...would last the max 3 days...well this was before i got pregnant but even after i had my baby the bleeding didnt last that long. Sometime intercourse is painful too.

I'm just wondering how my periods will be after i have it removed? Will it get worst? will it go back to normal? I'm really regretting having it now.
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I have had the same problem! OMG its soooo annoying. I have mine put in at the beginning of July and i havent stopped bleeding since. Whats the point of being on birthcontrol if u cant have sex!!! Im going to give it another month or so, but if the bleeding doesnt stop, its coming out!!
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I have had it in almost a year, for the first two months after insertion I constantly bled but after that I stopped having period completely. Up until a few days ago when I started bleeding like a normal period with cramps, I am starting to wonder if it came out or something. I am also having the problem of both me and my husband feeling it, thought it might have just been us though. Been thinking about getting it out but to me it is better then all the other options.
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If you and your husband can feel it that means it has slipped out of place. You should be checking those strings once a month and making sure that you cant feel it pushing down on your cervix. If there are any changes you should let your OB know!
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