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Missed period on Lo Loestrin Fe?

I’ve been taking Lo Loestrin Fe for about 6 months now. I started it last October but switched due to getting my period twice a month. The pill I switched to, made me non stop bleed and was so much worse so I switched back. Now it’s been 6 months taking it and I started out bleeding twice a month (spotting) & was very irregular. Now in the 6th month I am 10 days late for my “period”. Since I got it twice a month I’m not sure when my period actually is supposed to be but I didn’t get my period during the non-active pills at the end of the pack. I’m sexually active but I’ve never missed a pill and always super careful. I don’t think I am pregnant but I’m not sure if it is normal to “miss” a period. I looked at reviews and some women get no period on this pill but I went from getting it twice a month and then just missing one. I’m 17 years old so I’m not sure if this is normal and I don’t want to ask a doctor for help because I am scared. Please someone help!
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